Large-Scale Shooter Games that do Battlefield but BETTER! -

Large-Scale Shooter Games that do Battlefield but BETTER!

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  1. Yo for real I can't wait to play the night vision map on vision. 😎💯👍

  2. it's a great game it just needs a little more work and that's it they apologize baby office first person shooter is spot on and golden but I understand they're working with many projects and I respect that anyhow much love to all you gamers and first person shooters. peace out showroom King

  3. Squad is not easy and accessible. It's not for most.

  4. PREACH Battlefront 2 IS EPIC Huge Sw fan here lol

  5. for me with the batelfront 2 it is completely the opposite, whenever I play battlefield 5 i realise just how shit i am at it, when i play battel front 2 i realise im actually decent at something in my life

  6. I bought bf4 and bf4 premium for 10 bucks 😎

  7. You compare an arcade with tactical shooters. Give it a break pal.

  8. Please add timestamps andor game list in the description. Thanks.

  9. Drewski is it worth getting post scriptum in 2021

  10. The question im going to ask is…is there a PVE mode? I'm tired of fighting players cuz im very unskilled

  11. Me, and my friend got Hell let loose on PS5, and we've taken a liking to calling it "walk, and die simulator"

  12. Right now insurgency Sandstorm is better than BF 2042 and COD on console. Sandstorm is not the game you're going to just pick up and dominate. No aim assist, no automatic snap on shots. It's all stick skills and moving the right way. It's not based on kills. It's mission objective more than kills but if you get 10 or more kills it feels like you did some real tactical shit. I use to be a BF guy but seeing the new gameplay it looks like they went the fast pace COD way this year.

  13. BF1 is probably my top FPS shooter joined with black ops 1.

  14. Me remembering MAG from back in the day and wishing it came back from the grave, would have totally been a solid non battlefield option and probably far more enjoyable to play given more modern hardware.

  15. hey man recent 6 month viewer. in ur recent videos your channel has "blown" up and you say you dont know y. i am writing to say why i think it has. and ofc my opinion is bias in a way. but you have a certain expertise in this said genre which almost has like a cult following and you KNOW ur stuff with this genre. u dont force content for any other reason than you actually enjoyed playing it. and the best part is you are also critical of everything so you really show both sides of the coin. it really is good to see someones hard work get the appreciation it deserves AS its happening rather than later. keep doing you and things will only get better

  16. Battlefield Hardline. I've been tempted for so long to rent server just because that game is so much fun and the DLC maps were great but everyone dropped off before they came out. 🖖🗽 – Planetside 2 is fantastic absolutely.

  17. ewwwww u play as a spandex wearing papa vanu worshipper?! LIVE FREE IN THE NC!!

  18. World War 3 is muuuuuuch better game than BF2042 and all of this ones bro

  19. It’s sad this it’s late December 2021 and this video is still relevant.

  20. Also one to ass to the List: Enlisted. It’s currently still in Development but the open Beta is free and the finished game will be free too. It is a little bit more like Hell let loose in the sense of being a bit more arcady but it’s still really fun.

  21. planetside 2 isnt p2w in any way, and its free. choose between 3 empires and fight in land, vehichles or air on 4 large continents, customize your vehicles and weapons so they fit your playstyle and have fun.

  22. I like how this video still feels so relevant, I think I’m done with battlefield. Battlefield 2042 feels like if someone ripped a half developed fetus out of a mother and expects it to act like a fully formed baby!! Down with EA, dice isn’t the same studio anymore, I’m done.

  23. planet side 2 basically battalion scale combat
    oh and RS2 Vietnam has at most, like 1500 people on at a time, problem is that, half the servers are 100% full and other half 100% empty, and there is little to no matchmaking (coz your trynna get on an at least half full server with good ping) and you have players wiping out at most 15% of your teams tickets coz they're such a good player, all while your team is full of newbies.

  24. Can somebody tell me if all are console too or just pc?

  25. Squad And Hell Let Loose is pretty simular but the difference in the ages, One is a modern warefare the other is old with kar98s

  26. Squad is what Battlefield would be if DICE had continued down the same path they were on when they made BF2. Such an amazing game.

  27. the problem with Insurgency Sandstorm is that the TTK is so low that it makes everyone camp.

  28. "You should play Battlefront 2 because it's a bunch of sweats desperately trying to get their hands on an overpowered character so that they can wipe the floor with the opposing team."
    Did I hear that right? You do you, but to me, that sounds terrible.

  29. I need destruction in game.. It makes it way too interesting

  30. Love how you added Battlefront 2 in this. I still play that game to this day but in only the Heros VS. Villians mode. the other modes are sadly dead. Hopefully a Battlefront 3 comes out and is as good as this.

  31. Planet side two looks great but what if my pc isn’t even as good as the recommendation lol

  32. i wish ea just let dice do their thing with battlefront 2 or mabye start on battlefront 3 cus its very sad that the star wars community is stuck with this game for all eternity

  33. I can't play Battlefield 1 and 5 because the game shows you where the enemies are, tells you when a grenade falls near, and most importantly the weapon spraying is so precise that if you miss a shot from your Gewehr type riffles, the enemy turns around and sprays you to death from 1 mile away in 1 second.

  34. I’m looking for a realistic shooter like Insurgency for Xbox . Can someone help

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