Latest Best Free Shooting Games for Oculus Quest on SideQuest. Upcoming Games for Quest & Quest 2. -

Latest Best Free Shooting Games for Oculus Quest on SideQuest. Upcoming Games for Quest & Quest 2.

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In this week’s news video I look at some of the latest and greatest free shooting games to be released on SideQuest. We also explore some great titles coming soon to the Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 like Blair Witch, Population One, Jurassic World Aftermath and Walking Dead.

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Intro: 0:00
Cybercade: 0:37
Rhythm’n Bullets: 1:36
Fundamental Force: 2:52
Scrap: 3:41
Battle Arena VR: 4:32
War Yards: 5:13
Aim XR: 5:54
Brief Intermission: 6:39
Micro Monsters: 7:17
Blair Witch Project: 7:33
Population One: 8:18
Jurassic World Aftermath: 8:45
Walking Dead Saints and Sinners: 9:05

SideQuest Links

Rhythm’n Bullets:
Fundamental Force:
Battle Arena VR:
War Yards:
Aim XR:

Download Sidequest:
Watch my guide on installing SideQuest and sideloading (sorry for the bad audio):

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Micro Monsters:
Population One:
Jurassic World Aftermath:
Blair Witch:
Walking Dead Saints and Sinners:

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  1. Amazing review of our Battle Arena VR game, we are still collecting feedback from early adopters and this is very valuable. Thanks for the feedback and the nice video! We are working on adding more weapons, more maps, and more player skins. Please join us from time to time 😉 and join our discord server to share the feedback or find a team to play with:

  2. Great list and great video. Keep it up 👍

  3. Can the cv1 controllers work with the quest?

  4. How do I get sidequest for quest 2? It requires a credit card with no other option and I don’t want to put a credit card in (this is to create a developer account) and I’m unsure what to do, I mean I can’t even add a phone number some reason

  5. I'm new to Quest 2 and VR, and there is more info to sift through trying to figure out where my cash should go. Your videos have great information presented in a concise and streamlined approach. And your 3 videos for custom home environments is fantastic, a topic I didn't know even existed. Your channel is a wealth of information!

  6. free cost money like what the fuck you said walking dead saint and siners in free

  7. Hey I love your video it helped a lot to find some cool games but I can’t download aim xr and can you help me figure it out. Btw I have a quest 2

  8. Can I get these for free with just the oculus

  9. hmmm ah yes FREE vr games didnt know population one and The Walking Dead were free

  10. If you’re a new to the quest and you want to Play a free shooting game then Play Aim xr

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