LEGO: First Person Shooter -

LEGO: First Person Shooter

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I took some of your favorite FPS games and turned them into Legos! This video includes Lego versions of Portal, Skyrim, Bioshock, and Counter Strike.


  1. Это видео в 3 года для меня было топовым

  2. Ok, when portal and skyrim become first person shooters

  3. Therapist : dig daddy Lego doesn't exist you can't want him

    Big daddy lego:

  4. Oh man.. I remember watching this video when i was just a little kid. Good old times..
    Btw in what program was this made?

  5. Dang I remember watching this when I was 5

  6. Where is it? Steam, where is it? What are devs doing, why is this not a thing?

  7. Кто русский и из 21 года🤨

  8. Chell dies from fall damage, thats not right

  9. That shooter game was standoff2 or cs:go?

  10. Oh man 2021 but its still cool

  11. This video give me the a little part of my chilhood…

  12. This looks like something Corridor would’ve made back in the day

  13. If you could add any, I would add Half-Life, Halo, and Doom

  14. You are not just a YouTuber you are a legend. Your videos are not simple videos they are masterpieces.

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