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Looter Shooter games are the Future…

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An analysis of why the “looter shooter” game genre is so fun and exciting…

Created by AquaFPS & @HarktheUmpire
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  1. if they can make them more arcade-y and less realistic, maybe less punishing, the genre would skyrocket. the only reason i dont play tarkov, the cycle, marauders, the hunt etc is because if i make one misstep it crushes all of my morale. i understand the risk is all part of the appeal, but it's also the reason a lot of people wont play the genre.

  2. I wouldn't care what you are talking about, but you are so handsome looking wow
    watched the whole thing!

  3. No offense but man, I kept fast forwarding a few minutes at a time and you were still saying the same thing repeatedly..

  4. id like the sword and the drugs preferably crack

  5. Actually found out about mortal online 2 because of you met a fuck ton of amazing friends over that whole year and we just got back into it if you ever come back should join are guild nutsandiron

  6. Its the future if you have the time to devote to them or like fighting players at a rate of 1 every 10 mins

  7. Literally the worst type of game in my opinion. I can't stand apex, fortnight, tarkov, the list goes on. Much rather have a 4v4 where everyone has the same guns and ammo and it's just about getting gud and knowing how to best use your resources that everyone else has. Meh whatever not a FPS person anymore anyways

  8. I just want to say I think this type of videos suits your style of communication so well. Information, goofyness, and genuine excitement about the topic. Good work sir

  9. Aqua… you will forever have my love for mentioning Asheron's Call. It's hands down one of my favorite games ever and my first MMO. The first day I played that game, I played it for 48 hours straight. The fact that you could make whatever character you wanted by choosing the skills made it amazing, and then they released HOUSING, I cried.

  10. The big thing Extraction shooters need is an endgame. As it stands right now you get to the top of the power curve and either sit there stomping on pubbies until everyone is bored or 'Prestige' for little to no real benefit. Give me something meaningful to do with all of these giant kits I now have access to!

  11. Aqua could probably sell me a completely inoperable car at full price and I'd still thank him for the opportunity.

  12. aqua you need to try stalker gamma mode you gona like it

  13. DMZ needs something to work towards with the exfils – the guns aint enough when we can have whatever we want right there with the insured slot.
    Gotta have like multi-million dollar cases to splurge on that adds some unique benefit or something with the stash – just looting guns is basically warzone mode.

  14. Ah yes the "content creator" "creating content" based on the most obvious trend of gaming in '22.

    Who could've guessed.

  15. TLDR: All of Aquas rants on looters compressed into one video

  16. You literally just listed all the features Warzone's DMZ mode doesn't have :'D

  17. Copious amounts of DMZ has made me want to reinstall Division 2, and also maybe even try the first one on my Steamdeck. Reminded me of how good those games were. Really excited to see how DMZ evolves

  18. Is this the first time we see him standing here?

  19. GOD I cannot wait for dark and darker to SCALE UPPPP massive character choices, massive maps, armies of players and more magic

  20. I could get on board with these new form videos 🤔
    You already mastered the art of moving your hands around! The world is yours, Aqua

  21. Can you do an analysis video like this but based off of me please? I’d like to learn about me next

  22. Loved your intro man, felt casual and real for sure!

  23. Eve Online was my original "looter shooter" the risk vs reward aspect being played out on a grand scale is so epic.

  24. Ultima Online was the first full loot pvp mmo, and it is a shame you are too young to have experienced what was perhaps the greatest video game magic to have ever occured.

  25. Love the "off the top of the dome" style, hearing your passion leak out all over the place. Great vid, would love to see more like this

  26. Great video my guy. Loved the new format and presentation.

  27. NO HUNT SHOWDOWN??? I hope sam roasts you for this.

  28. I'm not sure if Ultima Online was the first full loot pvp game or not, but it was out way before Asheron's Call.

  29. Aqua has somehow managed to find a worse font than comic sans

  30. No shit. I'd be impressed if you'd made this point back when battle royales were the hype and are boring as shit without longterm progression.

  31. looks like general sams videos now, but the cut turns my stomach. all in all would smash 5/10, like medium warm soup. tasty but the fat started to thicken up so its disgusting anyway but your hangover forces you to take these salts. aqua is like a medium warm soup on a hangover day. appreciated any time, necessary, but sometimes somehow gross. loving it.

  32. Had a bad week. Needed this.

    Preciate you, fellow freak.

    Definitely looking forward to more “review”-esque content


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