Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond On Oculus Meta Quest 2 | The Best WW2 VR Game? -

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond On Oculus Meta Quest 2 | The Best WW2 VR Game?

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Here’s my review of Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond on the Oculus Meta Quest 2. I am going to show you VR gameplay of the Omaha beach invasion and I will be telling you if you should be buying this WW2 game or not.


0:00 – Medal of Honor VR Introduction
0:49 – Medal of Honor VR: Omaha Beach Invasion Gameplay
12:13 – Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond Review

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  1. that's the quietest land invasion ive ever heard

  2. I busted out lagging at ur hand when you said GO GO GOOOO

  3. I didn't realize TDK was around during WWII.

  4. So tempted to get a quest. Is it really as good as it looks? I had a psvr but the resolution was so grainy.

  5. I think online fps multiplayer modes for vr should be free. At least until we have playerbases going. 99% of games have really decent multiplayer but i feel like the paywall discourages a lot people from trying it. I’d love to try this multiplayer. But I’m not spending £50 if it’s dead lol. I always remember Space Junkies. I absolutely loved it but it just didn’t get the marketing it needed. Space Junkies could easily come back as free to play.

  6. Why your weapon is shaking a lot ho can you accurate ? :<

  7. I remember playing this game on the 360 when I was really young even watching it in be brings back so many memories

  8. That D-Day section feels extremely empty. I feel like it needs a lot more people. More bodies, more gunfire, more soldiers left and right.

  9. Hi, do you have save data? can you upload it please?

  10. The 'up the beach' part was just strange, I mean why blow up beach obstacles that are high and dry and no danger to anyone? And the bloke dragging the dinghy full of explosives WTF.

  11. Why are you plugged in? Is it not a standalone game for oculus and you need a computer to run it?

  12. Lmfao this shit isn't even out yet months later

  13. I literally can’t install this I need a solution immediately

  14. Wish this was on playstation 4 but not into a vr game I'm just saying because I'm not a fan but I do like watching some one playing vr because I know I would suck at it 😂

  15. that was 11 months ago and you called it meta quest 2

  16. Hi there i am disabled and unfortunately cannot stand would i be able to use the Oculus Meta Quest 2 ?

  17. Did the title get a name change? I feel like the meta quest hasn’t been out for long I’m questioning my sanity

  18. Does anyone know how long the training lasts (advice). Is there an option to stop training and move on.

  19. Wow! I have forgot vr these last 3 years, many games got out now, i still have the psvr but this,seems,exclusive to this headset

  20. I've spent the last day trying to download the game and my internet keeps cutting out and restarting the download process the furthest I've gotten is 26 GB our of 42 GB… I hate my internet 😑

  21. I have this game and do use the screen shake while shooting/explosions, it makes it more Immersive, and I don’t get motion sickness

  22. People are really paying this meta shit lol we didn't call it oculus Facebook quest so why start using those clowns name now lol

  23. Can we talk about how much of a god he is at this?

  24. Anybody else really entertained by this insane contrast between him in his colourful childlike room and then playing this simulation of such a traumatic and brutal thing that happened just 75 years ago. That contrast is so intense.

  25. Oculus quest 2 is my very first VR headset and I’m in love man. My ps5 is now officially collecting dust

  26. are you German? that would be interesting

  27. I wonder if I can get ptsd from this🤣🤣

  28. Given the fact that it's just shy of 44 gigs, it f*cking better be awesome.

  29. Tomorrow my quest 2 arrives! Can't wait but don't know where to start.. this game is one of my top 3 games I'm looking into should I go for it? I love shooters and zombies games etc

  30. I like how this guy shots in enemy direction, kinda supressing 😀

  31. I love you video when just search nothing about vr nobody do it but you only play the game thx

  32. You sound like a guy I watch that made assassins creed Valhalla tricks n tips videos. Is it really u 👀

  33. Your comments in this vid are extreme cringe jeeeez

  34. Those "IC" or "roleplay" comments you did during playing were one of the cringiest things ive ever seen jeeeeeez

  35. My grandfather actually tried this game he played for a bit and he enjoyed it a lot lol

  36. Im so excited when my oculus arrives. I need to go to war for the motherland!

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