MLS All-Stars Dominate Liga MX All-Stars in Shooting Challenge presented by AT&T 5G -

MLS All-Stars Dominate Liga MX All-Stars in Shooting Challenge presented by AT&T 5G

Major League Soccer
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In the first event of the MLS All-Star Skills Challenge presented by AT&T 5G, MLS All-Stars take the lead.

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  1. The tittle doesn't help the nation lmaoooooooo

  2. They’ve got 60 seconds to take penalties with no keeper and set targets. If I was their shooting coach, I’d be embarrassed with anything under 40. So sloppy from most of these guys.

  3. DANG! IT LITERALLY JUST HAPPENED! MLS Doin some Oscar stuff here.

  4. MLS is definitely bringing the heat, especially since a lot of MLS players were Liga MX'ers so they have a chip on their shoulders, this all star year

  5. This Reynoso guy obviously doesn’t know how to kick a ball.

  6. Its just entertainment haters from Europe. Calm down

  7. Could European haters stick to europe, time is changing MLS is doing there thing and it's a living proof

  8. USA king of North America🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  9. This don't mean nothing liga mx still king and has the history

  10. Nadamas por q tigres no dejó ir a Ginac q si no 😐 ahora por q no pusieron a tirar a vega o hasta Henry muertin lo hubiera hecho mejor antuna es un petardo

  11. Atuna es el jugador más pndj que he conocido

  12. Si Atuna va al mundial con México yo le voy a Estados Unidos

  13. Antuna solo sirve para aventarse clavados en el área, es un jugador malisimo

  14. Aun les falta michos años para que puedan igualar a la liga mx

  15. sin jugadores mx esta liga mls no es nada ….esta creciendo esta liga gracias al los mex que estan ai…si trajeran jugadores chinos arabes ni quien fuera a ver sus aburridos partidos

  16. salty europoors with their lame same-teams-always-wins league

  17. Solo Fidalgo se presentó al Skills de la Liga MX

  18. I don’t think this is as easy as it looks, with the ball position inconsistent, the audience/cameras and the timer, I think premier league players would struggle with this, I mean I think they would do better but not by a lot

  19. That's some Harlem Globetrotters-Washington Generals type score there

  20. most players from MLS are from ex mexican teams… and most MLS star players are latino . The MLS is nothing without mexicans or latinos in general . absolutly nothing

  21. Whoever was stopping the ball for liga MX looked so unnatural doing it

  22. Man I used to absolutely hate Hector, rooting for him feels weird.

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