Most Realistic FPS Game Ever -

Most Realistic FPS Game Ever

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This is the greatest educational combat of All Time
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  1. I love how they decided to give guns echoes. Too many games neglect good sound design just because it can be difficult to do well.

  2. Watching this one a phoeb, its indistinguishable. If you didn't include the face cam i would be questioning weather thisbis a voiceover.

  3. a story mode with this kind of gameplay would be amazing!!!

  4. i really hope he does more videos playing this game. maybe 1-2 more. because he adds a comedic narration as he plays and its great

  5. Charlie screaming at enemy throgh the drone is the funniest thing I see today

  6. 7:03 Charlie was doing the same call outs the seals did when they raided Osama Bin Laden’s house. Impressive as always from the captain

  7. This is what I imagined R6 to look like

  8. This genuinely just looks so unenjoyable and lifeless which is kinda ironic

  9. If we learned anything from this, you gotta eat more carrots.

  10. This is a little disturbing when you see real body cam footage of cops who adopt this same mentality in real life. Saying things just like Charlie. "I'm just racking up bodies", I've got so many kills", "I'm in nasty", ect.

  11. Very immersive by looking like youre looking through a camera instead of your actual eyes. So immersive.

  12. "Am I holding a grenade?" looks down to see pin ready to be ripped off "oh I am, I am" 😂

  13. Nah I got the game but couldn’t find a server and could only play in custom solo, not worth

  14. I would never want you on my team, you're a joke.

  15. Tarkov but worse controls can't even worse aim

  16. I love how in the audio settings you can see that it says "guns are loud"

  17. okay sooo… what game is it then???

  18. This is actually just so fun to watch. I’m giddy.

  19. Im grinding the shit out of this game!! Even if its EA

  20. The graphics are next generation for sure, but its the lighting that really sells the game. Flashlights are almost always useless in FPS games, here it's essential for certain sections.

  21. There is a similar game like this on Android called R.E.C.O.R.D. It is a realistic looking FPS shooter although the controls on that game is absolute ass. 😂

  22. Whoever originally made this map and put it on the unreal engine store is the shit cuz I’ve loved it in every game that uses it lmao

  23. well done charlie for not putting the title of the game anywhere in the video or the description, cos thats very informative for your audience who dont know what game this is, and want to play it and find out about it. How long has this clown been on youtube? he keeps doing this as well, does he not want to promote a good game? he needs a slap. Cant stand people like this, its all about me me me all the time.

  24. I feel like instead of gamer rage this game would just give me PTSD

  25. Day 88.1of asking Charlie to revisit weed shop 3

  26. he said hes the best ATF agent but he didnt kill any dogs or un-armed woman and children so i think hes lacking

  27. I can't afford to play any games. Please help me

  28. If Penguinz0 didn't have a facecam I would have thought he was in an actual warzone

  29. Thought this was Unrecord been waiting for tht one. Was hoping they’d include 3 sided blades for realistic hand-to-hand war combat then remembered they’re banned by the Geneva Convention for not healing good like a true proper war injury from bombs and bullets.

  30. Perfect example of why extreme realism in games isn't necessarily a good thing.

  31. 5:27 most accurate depiction of real warfare in this whole video-

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