MY NEW FAVORITE GAME! (Rogue Company) -


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  1. I get the excitement for Rogue Company, it really is a fairly good game, but have you not heard of Rainbow Six Siege? It's entirely a search and destroy game with revives. Rogue Company is literally just Rainbow Six and CSGO merged into a decent game that is honestly somewhat fun if you are alright with the mix.

  2. You should play warface it's an awesome game

  3. I played this game an hour ago and it is INSANE

  4. how do they glide that is made of metal🤣

  5. “What happened to you as a child?”

    “Biffle dropped me.”

  6. Ok i played this game and ssundee was right the game is so much fun😇😇

  7. You should play call of duty with signals biffle and henwy

  8. hey this games kinda like valorant! i think ill maybe like the game

  9. I just downloaded it sometime we could maybe play together

  10. this video has made me spend so much money and waste 9 months of my life

  11. Valorant and Rogue ompany have the same topic in valorant plant spike in rogue put and Omen looks like the smiley character

  12. Bro I hate this game because it’s literally a rip off of Call of Duty® black ops four

  13. Im so good at the game so good that i can smel my foot😂

  14. Rouge company is not as good as it was anymore😢

  15. bro that game is the best but i dont know what server to use couse i live in south africa username is sqalo_gamer

  16. "My new favorite game" but only uploaded it 2 times, power of sponsor

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