Nerf Gun Game 5.0 -

Nerf Gun Game 5.0

Joep Kraakman
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Nerf War: Call of Duty Gun Game in real life! The first to get a kill with all 20 Nerf blasters wins the battle!

This fifth edition, shot at a Train Station, includes the following Nerf blasters: Zombie Strike Doublestrike, Barrelstrike, Shellstrike, Roughcut, Hammershot, X-Shot Xcess, Slingfire, X-Shot Crusher, Retaliator modded blaster, X-Shot Regenerator, Ultra One, Regulator, Titan, Rival Apollo, Longshot, Trilogy, Stryfe, X-Shot Kickback, C4 Explosive and Star Wars Blast-Tech.

This video is inspired by:
– Aaron Esser:
– Call of Duty:

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🎥 Gear:
– GoPro Hero 5 Black
– Sony RX100 MK III
– Final Cut Pro x

Thanks for watching, Joep.



  2. Man close to getting hit by some trains at the train station

  3. 🇰🇷Doraemon Channel 도라에몽 says:

    Thank you for uploading this video

  4. Woooow is video in real life video game good job bro

  5. Прекрасные советские танки says:

    미국인들은 좋겠다
    저렇게 놀 수도 있고
    한국 어른들은 놀지 못함

  6. 1 year old vid (this Comment is been commented in 12/12/2021)

  7. baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

  8. Entera de todo lo que esto si no mato que yo tengo una vez

  9. It's like a realistic game and good nerfs 👏

  10. God is Good Jesus is King Amen Jesus is Lord god is Almighty thank you God And Jesus for giving me every thing Amen .✝ I Believe In The Lord Himself and the Almighty Himself.

  11. I hope my friends and me can playing that game. But I already play this with my cousins, lol.

  12. The name of the video has the word nerf but the xcess gun is x shot

  13. Mom: We have aaron esser at home
    Aaron esser at home:

  14. Esto tmb lo hace Aarón eser pdk films son buenos como este hombre 👍

  15. Nerf wars felt like world war 2. That’s how brutal me, my cousins and my friends play 😅

  16. This looks like Aaron essers style of video exactly like it the beginning screen and everything

  17. this is really cool thanks for the good content! keep it up!

  18. Tasnim's Art & Paper Craft works & Others Video says:

    Elon musk's theory came true 🤣🤣🤣

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