NERF GUNS for Nerf Gun Game 14.0! -

NERF GUNS for Nerf Gun Game 14.0!

Aaron Esser
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Going over the blasters and weapons for Nerf Gun Game 14.0!
Main video!

Ultra 4
Ultra 5
Ultra 3
Rival Finisher
Zombie Alternator
Fortnite Sniper Rifle
Dart Rover
Tracer Pistol
Stomper Shot
Elite 2.0 Trio
Elite 2.0 Shockwave
V-Twin Gatling
Chaos Orbit
X-Shot Meteor
SpiderBolt, Power Slash Claws, Hammer Strike
Dojo Ninja Strike
X-Shot Light Sword
Fortnite Rift Edge

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Thanks for watching!
Aaron 🙂


  1. My Favorite One Is The SR Cus Is Close To Real Life SR And Skinned With Fortnite Skin 😉

  2. btw the basr-l

    you have to put it together

  3. Quick question do you plan the people you fight and who wins or is that random

  4. Rfgieg9et8ytbvyfidkiryrutryhtjrg8ridut Rory you have any time today at work or so you need me your way home or do you want to come in gevdyyeiut

  5. can you put a link of where to get the guns

  6. I've watched you for a long time but I remember watching you when I was 4 or 5 or 6 im now 9

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  8. someone that goes by the name Joep Kraakman is stealing your content. Don't know if you know/ know him, just want to let you know.

  9. You guys should do a rainbow challenge on fortnight whoever you start off with a gray and how do you get a kill with a gray move onto the green after you get a kill with the green new move onto the blue after you get a kill with the blue you you can move on to the purple after you get a kill with the purple you move onto the gold and then if you get a kill with the gold you win

  10. My son dustin loves nerf guns and he has a 4 toy guns from adventure force

  11. How long does it take u 2 clean up those darts LOL

  12. i want the basr l for my birthday in 9 years old
    but i live in iceland and its out of stock in iceland but i think it will be in stock after a few days

  13. Nerf Guns for Nerf Gun Game 16.0 and Nerf Guns for Nerf Gun Game 17.0 Blasters Please Likes for to

  14. Main video out Thursday Dec 3rd! Thanks guys!

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