NERF OPS CAMPAIGN - MISSION 4 (Nerf Gun First Person Shooter!) -

NERF OPS CAMPAIGN – MISSION 4 (Nerf Gun First Person Shooter!)

Aaron Esser
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Aaron ends up in a new world after avoiding Ace with the portal gun. He travels through countless worlds while having nonstop Nerf Wars and Battles against the minions, Ace and an array of other creatures! Welcome to the Nerf Verse.

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  1. He's getting revenge for that battle royal

  2. Can we appreciate the fact he had to go to several different places to record this. Some of those were his past gun game from way back. Thankyou Aaron Esser for the content and how hard you work to make this happen for our enjoyment. Thankyou 🙂

  3. How long do you guys think it’s gonna take for the first part of into the nerf verse to come out? I’m gonna say two weeks. And what do think the first part is going to be about I’m gonna say Aaron goes to the zombie world again and meet up with Drax that would be incredible

  4. Where is the old friends from the old times aron ?

  5. everytime I watch an aaron esser video, I want to have more nerf wars but I remember that I have no one to battle…

  6. Is there gonna be anymore zombie nerf storys or naw

  7. Hey Aaron esser I have been watching your videos for a long time
    I am big fan Sence I was little boy I am Growing up I am 19 years old

  8. Hey where did you get that mask it's cool did you get it from a store or did yall make it

  9. hi aaron im a biggest fan i love your video and i subscribe💓💖❤

  10. мы каждый день котаемся на льде а они 1 раз

  11. Hey Aaron pls do more dinosaurs 🦖 pls man

  12. 1:38 minions: He’s getting away meanwhile Aaron Esser just standing there

  13. I know he needs to make the content and i appreciate that coz it always makes my day but there are simple things that would make someone in that game situation where he could just close a portal 😂 nice job aaron

  14. Will there be more teabaging on videos? I kinda miss it and i love the gun game halo edition :3

  15. i got a feeling this is just aaron returning to old gun game maps

  16. No a offense but this inter video did not make no sense at all.😎

  17. DIRECTION AND Spectre Welcome To The Nerf Op

  18. I am so confused but he made a very good like movie it was good Aaron keep up the work

  19. Come visit the philippine make the ww2 in the pacific teater

  20. Hi Aaron I am your biggest fan and I am a 12 years old boy .

  21. That sword is from pure beskar if it can resist the blade of a light saber wich is very expensive

  22. OK I am starting to love this now
    I do love the whole nerf verse thing

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