New! Basketball Shooting Game Called "Fireball" -

New! Basketball Shooting Game Called “Fireball”

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This new game titled Fireball can be up to 10 players max, for a total of 5 basketballs in use simultaneously during all the hot shot action. Each player retrieves his or her own rebounds. After scoring 5 consecutive shots in a row, the winner of the first round is crowned, then move on to the best out of 5-10 rounds. Depending on how much motivation is in the group, more or less rounds can be added.

This game will most definitely improve a shooters range, performance, and competitiveness without harming their confidence in shooting. If anything its a cool way to even drill on your own, because it can get pretty boring shooting by yourself out there.

Once the game begins they will run around the court trying to get the ball, no fighting for it, just mutual respect as to whoever got it first. No tripping your competitor, this is a basketball drill game, and meant to improve your shooting ability.

To find out the rules replay the video, pause it if necessary. Oh and most of all try to have fun!

You can change the overall name calling theme’s around in terms of the naming of each consecutive shot made, such as “Money” and “Donut”, but make sure to have each player call out their shots during game play so each person can keep track of the score for each individual player.

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  1. Thank you for this! I've played this as a basketball shooting station in my classes for years now! Great idea!

  2. When you shoot more leg and less arm and more ark. Make sure to hold your shoot or in other words follow through.
    Make sure to square up your feet if you want.👌🏀

  3. Great game! I play it with my friends all the time. We even make up our own words. It helps me stay in a rhythm. 

  4. its a fun game i played it in a court with my brother me my gf my dad and uncle in hollygrove and it was fun so thnx 4 coming up wit da game

  5. this game looks dope. Im going to hoop with my buddies later and we gonna play this game.

  6. Good vid bro. I coach at all age levels and appreciate anyone trying to be innovative and new. especially when it comes to helping the kids. I will certainly use this. Keep up the good work.

  7. I am very happy watching you play around with these kids. Well done on teaching them about sports.

  8. thanks for a simple game that I can share with my online kids. Have any more?

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