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Oculus Quest 2 Top 5 FPS / Shooter Games for New Users – 2021 Edition

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Today i do a top 5 VR Shooter / FPS Games on the oculus quest 2 for 2021.

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  1. Your Friendly Neighborhood Airsofter says:

    Pavlov shack should be on here, it’s free, has many game modes, good looking guns and maps and supports custom maps.

  2. yo i think gun raider is the best game ive played, full of kids because its free to play, but its incredible, climbing, dashing, jetpack, relatively easy reloading, and you don’t die instantly

  3. I want to get into VR, but it just seems to be missing something. They should start out with a Dragon's Lair type game, with an RP element.

  4. I have a VR I picked the best game in a super cool I love VR ♥️

  5. Everyone should try Gun Raiders best arcade shooter on the quest and its free

  6. Watching this in 2022 and seeing that onward is good it brings back memories of when the game wasn’t dead

  7. the fact that onward didn’t get its own chapter

  8. Are people Playing Contractors? I feel like I need to gravitate to where the player base is 🙁

  9. Another awesome video! Thanks for the quality content!

  10. Well, SOMEBODY is a fan of battle royale. Does me no good. I came in looking for, you know, a GOOD game, like Arizona Sunshine, or literally any shooter where I can just chill and shoot zombies or something.

  11. HELP…my friends don't play VR, I only play solo, often in places with bad or no WiFi, lol.
    Pop1 seems like it only works with WiFi and if you have friends to team up with. Is that right?
    What's the best fps for how I play? I LOVED SuperHot but finished ALL levels in about 2 weeks, and it's kinda boring going back and replaying them.

  12. all i care about is WHAT ARE THE NEXT FREE GAMES GOING TO BE FOR 2022

  13. Great list! Although I would compare onward more to the likes of insurgency sandstorm or MAYBE/KINDA ground branch – those kinds of military sims.

  14. just got my quest and now your gonna make me buy so amy games

    : war zone players sitting in a corner all game

  16. I'm getting a quest for my birthday. You've helped me an oddly large amount

  17. Is there anyway to play vr without a high end pc

  18. Got my 128 GB quest 2 yesterday. Very very awesome experience !! It's worth the hype. Especially since I dont have a pc. I'm about to download contractors.

  19. 😤 the overwatch of VR. The PUBG of VR. The cod of VR. Great. Can we get the Far Cry or Doom of VR please? For the Quest? Somebody? I know it can be done. If we can do the walking dead and population one the technology is there somebody just needs to do it.

  20. great video man, I just bought a quest 2 and have played some half life alyx but am looking for something that won't require me to buy a new set of underwear each time I play. Will definitely check out some of these 🙂

  21. Do any of these games allow for the weapons to be displayed on the left side of the screen for lefties?

  22. Do you get motion sickness playing some of these fast paced shooters?

  23. Contractors just doesnt seem worth price which why i haven't played it

  24. Looking at your room gives me anxiety. Lol

  25. Tysm i have chat game but i stopped playing it cause it got a bit toxic ! Im ready to try some gun games

  26. I’d highly recommend Zero Caliber Reloaded. Very accessible and fun. The gameplay more than makes up for the visuals

  27. Awesome list. Just got my oculus, gonna check these out.

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