One Of My First Transitions EVER 😲 #shorts -

One Of My First Transitions EVER 😲 #shorts

Scarlett Shade
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  1. That’s pretty sick. My first edit shouldn’t exist lol

  2. Wow it’s soooo good your my favourite YouTuber ever❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. WDYM this is your 1000th right

    Nvmi seen your old video

  4. scarlet shade please reply do you use a dev account? or a main

  5. So good still bro am so amazed of how u do it

  6. This is such a W edit! Keep it up Scarlett! ❤

  7. That's cleaner than my first transition lol 😭

  8. Guys Pls help me get scarlet to see this comment but there i a guy hwo steals your vids without saying #scarletShade

  9. “ Lalala I really like your body I really like body I really wanna get naughty👁🫦👀

  10. Best transition as your first it probably got millions of views

  11. Scarlett haven’t you done transitions before I thought you did😮?

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