Pavlov VR is the Best First-Person Shooter on PlayStation VR 2 -

Pavlov VR is the Best First-Person Shooter on PlayStation VR 2

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Pavlov VR: The Ultimate First-Person Shooter Experience for PlayStation VR 2. Pavlov VR is a first-person shoot on PlayStation VR2. Developed by Davevillz, the game takes inspiration from popular titles such as Counter-Strike and Call of Duty, bringing the fast-paced action and intense gameplay to a fully immersive VR experience. Players can engage in multiplayer matches with other online players, using an array of weapons and tactical strategies to outmaneuver their opponents. With its realistic physics and graphics, Pavlov VR offers an unparalleled VR gaming experience that will keep players coming back for more.

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  1. hi, i bought this game. But somehow most of the time if my weapon is out of ammo i cant reloade it. I hvae no magazin on my pouch on the left of my body.

    Do i have to buy ammo? Or what the heck?


  2. is it worth 20 ? i just broke bank for the headset and COTM but i want a shooter so bad lmao

  3. The running commentary was piss funny 😂

  4. Psvr 2 is absolutely amazing im loving mine by the way horizon call of the mountain and resident evil village are both outstanding in vr love them 😀😃🙂🙃

  5. i would buy it, but ill wait for firewall ;))

  6. PSVR to Oculus to PSVR2… The tears are priceless!!! ❤

  7. surely the true competetion of VR gaming come earlier than we imagined

  8. I wonder is you can use an existing VR rifle?

  9. One thing they need to add is being able to adjust the angle of your grip when holding guns… does anyone else have this problem? I feel like when I hold certain guns, one handed guns mostly, it feels like the angle is off do to the shape of the controller..

  10. I’m kinda mad that the devs spent pretty much ALL there time into makeing the psvr2 version have everything on pc EVEN THOUGH MAJORITY OF PEOPLE WILL NEVER GET A PS5 OR THE VR BRO WTF

  11. how does it feel to hold bigger gun w/o any support??

  12. Lol, you opened your mouth when taking med pills 😀 Good game btw!

  13. Firewall going to have a hard time beating this

  14. Anybody got any tips for a first time VR user here. Got the PSVR2 and played Call of the Mountain as my first game and man I've struggled, really bad sweating and queasy feeling. I know they call it getting your VR legs but any advice on how to make the transition a bit smoother?

  15. Can you comment on motion sickness. Is it less of a problem with vr2?

  16. First time hearing about this game. Is there a single player, and a co-op mode? Looks wild, and I just got a PSVR2.

  17. How can you play this game? It’s not even released on ps5 ?

  18. Lol I like how he opened his mouth like he really was about to take a real pill 😂😂😂😂

  19. I tried using the right trigger to do the walkie talkie and I shot myself in the head. 🙊

  20. Is there something i'm missing, because this guy barely has to move his arm to control recoil. I have to pull my shit down pretty dramatically.

  21. Do we got finger tracking on this psvr2?? I want to buy it this week but i'm searching for more info

  22. I'm probably being thicker than a ticket touts wallet but I can't find how to turn smooth turning on. I've only had a quick look at this because…… GT7 but any help would be appreciated😀

  23. How do you control movement? I've never played PSVR, so I'm not sure if movement is controlled with the joystick and then orientation by the headset? Or is it all controlled by joysticks?

  24. If still think allowing us to see nudity will lead to rapes then does you watching murder lead to you murdering people?

  25. I don’t get why these games only show your character’s hands and not the arms.. Looks and feels weird

  26. If this is the best shooter, then PSVR is worse than I expected.

  27. the second part of your video is just brilliant, I am right now very convinced about VR2

  28. Pavlov is basically the only game I've been playing on psvr 2

  29. Hi! A quick question, is there an option to move in "teleportation style" or is it only fluid? Am asking because I am still overcoming the motion sickness thing hehe! Cheers! 👍

  30. This game is really good but my only problem is that on psvr 2 the gripping is really awkward and it's longer to realoud compared to quest since guns stick to your hands rather than holding the grip, hope they change it

  31. I love how you opened your mouth to “eat” the pills 😂

  32. Imagine if you could connect the psvr2 to pc and steam ! It would be the #2 selling Vr headset

  33. This looks awesome. I have one question, when you are moving about does the sticks act like your playing Cod?

  34. Once you get good with duel wielding the game changes 💯

  35. Umm so I have this game on oculus 2 and to be honest, being that the psvr2 has a cord I think shooters should be better on oculus 2 just because of the free movement it offers. It looks way cleaner on psvr2 but I have no reason to get it. 😕

  36. this game's metacritic is criminally, appallingly low. should be high 80s at least

  37. holy shit, I had no clue they released pavlov on playstation, now i want to get the psvr2 even more

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