PE Games - Basketball Shooting Game - Hot Spots -

PE Games – Basketball Shooting Game – Hot Spots

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  1. where is the example of the game being played?

  2. Do you "Gamify" this game with Levels? Or is getting points the way to Gamify?

  3. I am a young basketball coach I have been watching most of your videos and those videos help me a lot. I will really like for you to be my mentor

  4. How long do you let your students play this game?

  5. My students had a great time with this game. Thanks for the upload and reply to my question.

  6. I tried this in my class and the kids loved it. I used my squad lines of 4-5 per as teams and it worked great.

  7. would this game be effective with only 2 hoops in your opinion? I have to teach a lesson to 3rd graders with 2 hoops.

  8. Looks fun – so two teams? One basket? How many balls? How many kids in play at the same time?

  9. I absolutely love you guys!!! You two are the bestest teachers ever!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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