Playing Against PC Players In Shooting Games Be Like #shorts -

Playing Against PC Players In Shooting Games Be Like #shorts

Darius Dinero
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  1. Me watching on pc and liking the vid at the speed of light

  2. PC players don't sweat it's just that easy 😂😂

  3. They will leave their entire setup covered in their own sweat from all that movement. 💀

  4. I played against a pc player and he won and did the automatic soap drop glitch and I had to pick it up

  5. PC is my favorite thing to play on but damn PC sweats piss me off too. Actually these people need to go the fuck outside.

  6. Fr the only way to beat them is that sensitivity gotta be HIGH

  7. Then they complain about aim assist like they didn’t just curve a bullet like neo.

  8. Yeah, PC players don't know how to play. They just know how to hack the game.

  9. Bro one time I was playing bedwars and I 1v4 three teams of a bunch of five year olds playing on their dads iPad

  10. Fr them pc players go crazy but they don’t for me in cod warzone 2.0 I go crazy to 😊

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