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POV: You’re Good At Every FPS Game

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Shroud moments of him being really good at multiple games throughout the last year. Revisit a gaming classic. Play Ecco the dolphin cheats online.


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  1. What are these games they look soooo good

  2. i wish i can be overPower with FPS game just like that

  3. dude you are one of the best fps players of all time, you dont get to brag about being good in multiple fps games

  4. Is he shroud for being good, or he is good for being shroud?

  5. Just change the title to
    POV : You are SHROUD

  6. у меня такое ощущение иногда, что на сервах США какие-то лоускилы играют, а на европейских получше(замечаю это частенько, когда смотрю русских и иностранных юбуберов по играм)

  7. POV: You have never played against an actual good player base

  8. shroud is for sure an amazing talent, but all fps? there is a reason he does not touch arena fps like quake champions… suddenly he'd be out of breath ^^

  9. pov: youve been exposed as cheating numerous times but its irrelevant because people are dumb

  10. Theres no way, hes gotta be hacking🤓👆

  11. ive been saying all weekend that ludwig fd up by not inviting you to the best gamers of all time because you are the best on everything

  12. This guy has potential. He should try going pro or something.

  13. what the name for
    last game before the end in video pleass?

  14. His PUBG days were his prime, skill wise. Fresh off CSGO!

  15. Bro which game is hard i want to know 😂❤️

  16. Shrouds skills in overall competitive gaming is unmatched, this guy is the jack of all trades

  17. its good because of his gaming chair bro trust me

  18. Can someone tell me the name of the song in the background?

  19. Trash at cod tho can’t hang with the controller legends

  20. I'm good at every fps game too. Just not AS good as Shroud.

  21. What’s the 5th fps game name can someone tell me

  22. Being good at one game >>>>> being average in 10 games

  23. your trigger aimbot at bf 2042 was clear bro

  24. He just got better gaming chair guys….i swear

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