Realistic Shooter Games and Military Simulation in Under 10 Minutes -

Realistic Shooter Games and Military Simulation in Under 10 Minutes

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  1. I play sniper positions where windage and bullet drift are a hindrance. I have noticed some very long shots hit but shouldn’t have.
    Do any of your favourites take this into account. Loving the muzzle flash in Squad. Great addition.
    I was listening to all the different bangs and booms in the Squad update video, sounded a lot like the drum solo in
    Power and the Passion by Midnight oil… Loving your vids

  2. i’m so excited for six days in faluja (however u spell it) bc it’s gonna be on console too and it looks supperrrrr good and realistic and tactical and amazing

  3. I wish console had more realistic FPS games

  4. What attracts me the most is the COD Online clip in this video,tho I’ve been playing all those tactical shooters for long XD

  5. How do you spell the name of the game

  6. “realistic military shooters” proceeds to show a clip of a crashed star destroyer

  7. What games are these that are playing in the background?

  8. You forgot the fact that it’s a genre dominated my PC sadly and console is left in the dust

  9. How come I watched but never liked this vid when it came out years ago? There now, fixed it. :))

  10. Most fps aiming mechanics are just trash.
    You insta zoom, shoot from a sniper gun and gets full accuracy while standing, even while moving with a 10kg gun lol

  11. Ah yes ARMA 3 especially modded ones, i love being a Guardsmen surrounded by Chaos Space Marines ready to turn me into Khorne favorite soup xD

  12. Just to mention, I have hours upon hours of fun designing offline missions. The AI might suck a bit but No one will ever know.

  13. Woah, I can't believe it has been 3 years since this video came out… just wow.

  14. Squad is such a shit game because of the Admins and Communities.

  15. I personally love red orchestra 2 and rising storm 2. First of all, my computer can run them, and second of all, red orchestra (I feel like) was one of the first WWII military sims. Further, I love how the devs get the German running animations down and the insults the Soviets and the Germans throw at each other. Set the game on the native language mode and it becomes even better. I learned German and being able to call out to my friends what the Germans are going to do is pretty satisfying. Ich werfe eine Granate durch das Fenster!/Бросай гранату через окно! (I am throwing a grenade through the window

  16. Thirty One-R nerdesin kardeşim klşasdkşlaskdlakşlsd

  17. I want to get into games but don’t have a PC

  18. I've played FPS but not with other people. So, a helicopter pilot is just waiting around to be called? Is the game and members chosen and then they are waiting or what?

  19. even that ground branch is not in this list i still love it cause i get to mess around in the training area and its fun to do that and 9 year old "tactician" children wont shut up after they get mag dumped a terrorist which is annoying but entertaining.

  20. I have play arma 3, but I really hate Realistic FPS not becuase of the game itself but because of the players. all of the clan I have enter I massive waves of assholes overruling for no reason. There was one time that I stayed away for a week due to family problems, and I even said to them in advance, but when I came back the clan onwer my friend at the time said to me not never come becuse on his own words "we need serious players to stay 24/7"

  21. These games are the reason I want to buy a gaming PC. So sad these games aren’t very realistic to play on a console.

  22. Next we need, one of these games on VR. Anyone agree?

  23. Maybe not with cars and that but dayz got some realistic gun play

  24. Does anyone know what game had the A10's in it. And was that the same game as the one with the blackhawks

  25. What i need is a mixture of a DAYZ/ARMA infantry combat – DCS Flight Sim level of aircraft accuracy – some truck driver sim lvl of ground vehicle accuracy – microsoft flight sim map technology and on top of that some first class surface and submarine naval combat all in one massive game ;D

  26. I didn't come into Arma because it was a military Sim I like many people played it for Dayz Mod on Arma 2 and like everyone you played that for years so naturally going to Arma 3 was a no brainer now I play Koth every few months/weeks. It's crazy hard to play any other non Military Sim shooter once you've played arma for years

  27. Still don't know how to use compas in Arma.

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