RetroPie Set Up Dolphin Bar For Light Gun Games -

RetroPie Set Up Dolphin Bar For Light Gun Games

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In this video, I show you how to set up and Play Light Gun Games on The Raspberry Pi Running RetroPie using the dolphin bar and Wii Mote!

Dolphin Bar:

Wii Mote Blaster:

Wii mote:

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Raspberry Pi 3:
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2.5 Amp Power Supply –

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  1. i try the same on batocera. i finally get it to run but now i have freeze issue. could be my mote simply brocken? is at necessary to use the wii mote plus?

  2. Can retropie play some of the more modern lightgun games like Rambo time crisis etc

  3. Anyone got this connected to 2 wiiremotes simultaneously? Or does it really require 2 different dolphin bars for that?

  4. two questions I am unable to get 1 and 2 led light to light up on my wii mote, second issue when I launch a game, it loads a splash screen but then goes back to the game selections menu, can anyone help? I am on Raspberry Pi 4 with Virtual Man 128gb Retro Bliss build

  5. I bought a dophin bar because of this video and it will not sync to my wii mote after the first time. The first time I paired it I binded the buttons for Jurassic park, but the reticle would not move. It was stuck in the top right corned of the screen. Then I noticed my wiimote was no longer paired. And for the life of me I can't get either of my wii motes to sync with the dolphin bare since. I thought it was defective and contactec mayflag customer service. Their response. Sorry to say, the dolphin bar is not compatible with rasberry pi. I sent them a link to this and another video I found of a dude playing lightgun games on his pi with this set up. Does this still work for you in 2020 or did some update break it? I can't even sync my wii mote to my bar when it connected to my pc. Both just blink until they stop blinking.

  6. Is this the only compatible bar with raspberry? There are cheaper options

  7. Hello ETA Prime, i am having problem setting this up since my mame doesnt recognize my wii axis input for both x and y. i am using an original wii motion plus. Do you happen to know if this is due to the new firmware of the wii motion plus ? do you think using an ordinary wii remote will solve my problem? please advise. thank you in advance

  8. anyone know of a good image that has all the gun games?

  9. i follow the instruction but in config i can't set button 1 and 2. why?

  10. Hi, having an issue setting the wiimote up on a Raspberry Pi 3+ getting the A and B to work – when I followed the tutorial it didn’t allow me to click/set those button on the in game settings screen. Anyone assist or suggest a solution?

    When i go in to map the gun in the game thats say coin button sometimes it wont register or it gives me options for combo buttons and sometimes i move the gun to aim and it dont move could u help with it

  12. How is it with 2 Players ?
    Ive heard that you would need 2 Bars for 2 Players – is this right ?

  13. Anyone know if the Wii Zapper w/nunchuck can be configured with this too? Not sure what light gun games there are but a nunchuck could be used as that secondary trigger and the joystick could be used if any of the games could take advantage of it.

  14. Thank you. Need to try and download timecrisis and T2 and if they install fine I’m gonna pick one of these up.

  15. Hi, thank you for your video ETA PRIME, It's always a joy to watch your content. Although, I actually need some help.
    I tried this and everything is working well except that I'm having a little problem… Whenever I shot, the gun sight freezes till the "shot action" finishes… I don't know if someone has faced this same issue… This is a problem because sometimes, in this kind of games, you have to shot many enemies at once, and doing it quickly is not possible here due to that freeze… It only happens for some seconds, but it is enough to make you die… It happens with all games… I would love it if someone could help me.
    Thank you.

  16. Does this work on a laptop hooked up to a TV?

  17. They are selling old-new stock of that gun on Amazon now in a bundle for dirt cheap. With a little cleaning it's highly usable.

  18. Hi ETA. Will this work with PS 1 emulators? I'm thinking ePSXe for Point Blank.

  19. Is the accuracy with a wii mote and dolphin bar the same as a real lightgun? Or ist it still „laggy“?

  20. I set this up just to play Police Trainer and I get two crosses on screen from only one wiimote. Not sure how to remedy that??

  21. Has anyone managed to get a second player working? I've seen other tutorials that use a second sensor bar but they aren't using retropie.

  22. saw a cool video of a guy who chopped his arcade1up can to fit the sensor in. im guessing the screen for the 1up is a monitor just the same as this? the customization possibilities for arcade1up seem so endless!!

  23. Anyone know if Karnevil is a available and where to get it?

  24. Can anybody help please? I have got as far as launching mame but tab or f2 won't bring up the old mame config menu. I have deleted the default.cfg in all the arcade emulators I can find. Is there any other way to access that menu please?

  25. I like this video thank you. But I have a question .can I play the operation wolf game?

  26. Can confirm, this method will limit you to one light gun per Mayflash bar with stock instruction.
    I'm still looking up how to get around this, but yeah, it's a little disappointing that it doesn't work with two.

  27. I tried setting up 2 player and it won't let me sync a second remote

  28. Did you prefer this to the Sinden guns setup? I'd kill to play diehard again!!! ❤️❤️❤️🙂

  29. Do I still need the dolphin bar If I use a crt monitor?

  30. Love the videos they really do help us newbies to retro gaming
    Can you show how to set up reload in the Mame game Invasion The Abductors. I have everything set up good but can’t figure out how to set up reload
    And thanks again for the great videos

  31. Awesome video could you possibly do this for the super console X ? That would be amazing if you did. Many thanks my dude 😎👍🏼

  32. Thanks ETA Prime. Great video as always… thank you for watching… Is there a place to get this bat files for other gaming categories? thanks in advance.

  33. Favor tem essa imagem já pronta pra baaixa

  34. Will this work for Windows using Mame core in Retroarch?

  35. Would be cool if they made more light gun games.

  36. quick tip. Use a second controller or keyboard to move down the button definitions without holding anything. Much faster.

  37. can't you use the original Wii bar which comes with the Wii console?

  38. Can u tell me what's your mame version? Because I did everything shown in this video but doesn't work for me

  39. Hola ETA PRIME. Ahi te pedi solicitud para la descarga. Cuando puedas aceptame. Gracias!

  40. Can anyone explain the wiimote mode thing where eta lit the first and second lights? Is there a doc on what that is?

  41. Hello. The point is that while in mode 4 there is no problem playing games with a crosshair on wii with 2 people, in other emu, e.g. mame model 2,3, etc., it is not possible without 2x dolphin bars (as far as I know) what is weird and; (
    You can cheat it by installing the + bluetooth program but it is not playable, the so-called buttons are assigned to both controllers, so it makes no sense, I know that the bar was created for the wii but they could be tempted by the multi mouse options for this, the slider on off does not work in my model yyyyyy:

  42. Have you try it playing all Time Crisis (Arcade)? Do they work on the raspberry?

  43. hey the bat file did not work or create the file you showed me
    can you help me

  44. Does this still work in 2022? I can't get mine to work.

  45. When I pull the trigger the cursor stops while pressing, any idea why this is the case?

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