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  1. know this Levinho is not a camper 😊❤🎉

  2. Oh I didn't know it was a sign of disrespect 🥲. I did this to someone as I didn't want to waste bullets .

  3. Op bro best revenge kill 😊

  4. Best revenge!!

    Me thinking in my brain: Just imagine if the guy left before levinho could kill him with the fist😂

    But seriously love you from all my heart ❤❤

  5. I am sorry bro I disrespected you 😢😢😢

  6. there some arab gamers that u can't play against this game belongs to arab they ar gods in this game

  7. When you mess with the wrong person💀💀💀🥵☕🚬🗿

  8. No enemies next t time use i have no enemies aruarian dance or whatever its called

  9. u r legend my bro 🇮🇳 with lvly ur fan frm indian

  10. يالك من وحش ياصديقي انته داما مبدع❤❤

  11. Palestine is a terrorist country

    love you bro❤️ gg

  12. Don't play with my Levinho 😍 he will destroy u in seconds 😎💥🔥

  13. The best Ravange I ever Seen at pubg Mobile

  14. Everyone has become pro nowadays but levinho is one the originals ❤

  15. And I'm one of them who knock then kills with pan 😂

  16. Revenge not a good thing…. PUBG teaching us wrong thing… We should forgive..

  17. قدس عمكم والله 😂😂😂😂😂😂 ابلع

  18. levinho = king god of revenge like virat kohli

  19. اللهم ه اللهيموتكم

  20. I vote you my brother. You are my pubg inspiration I always watch your video and then play pubg that gives me so much inspiration❤❤❤

  21. But Palestine remains above all 😏🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🔥

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