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Rifle Shooting Games For Hunting Practice

Randy Newberg, Hunter
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Michael Parente and Marcus Hockett head out to some public land to practice their rifle proficiency through a game of PIG. Each player has to create a shot, and the other has to imitate it or else they get a letter. They go head to head doing ridiculous shots to try and get the other a letter.

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  1. "We might go a little overboard…" That would be an understatement. I remember 30 years ago when I could do that crazy stuff. Now, I just find a good spot and set up.I have read and value the advice of Jeff Cooper in his book, "Art of the Rifle." Too always shoot supported. Find a way. And of course, every rule will have an exception. There will always be the time where the only shot is off hand. And you can take it, just don't really completely on off-hand for all of your shots.Amazing action, guys.

  2. Great video!! Definitely like the idea of putting a little stress on the shot. It's more like reality and fun. True that… I echo those sentiments about picking up your stuff. Maybe next we can get Randy, Dan and new guys out there with you and get a little team competition going! 😊

  3. Time for some smaller steel. That is great practice, maybe next time add a unknown distance.

  4. When I was in the Army with 2nd Infantry Division, our motto was simple…train like you fight, fight like you train. When I returned to ConUS with 1st ID, it was mostly just "make yourself look good" Dog and Pony show. Your training environment is beyond reproach. I should do the same.

    Shoot some off-hand. I managed Marksman shooting off Vs my usual Expert shooting strong once. ie, shoot Left if yer Right or Right if yer Left. A HUGE challenge even without stress.

  5. Great idea for stressed shooting. There's no way I can do pushups and jumping jacks as fast as you guys.😉

  6. When shooting off the yolk of the pack, bring up at least your right knee to rest your right elbow on. Both knees up with butt on the ground and both elbows rested is even better if you can sit hunched like that.
    Great vid looked like a lot of fun!

  7. The M&M Shooting Show, very nice. I do remember Randy and the rep from Howa/Legacy doing a similar video a couple years back. Definitely a great idea to practice like that before going on such a physically taxing hunt. I am not sure you would get Randy to run that far that fast, but push ups, jumping jacks, sit ups sure. Would be great to see him and Dan come out too and do a 2vs2 Team challenge. Nice sneak peak of the Randy Newberg Special Edition HS Precision rifles from Howa with Leupold scopes you got there.
    I definitely agree with the picking up after yourself and even others. I can't stand trash everywhere, it was lighter than when you brought it in. I try to find my empty shells when waterfowling, and if I am shooting a semi-auto rifle or even a bolt I pick up my brass. Absolutely time well spent. Thanks for sharing guys, I definitely need to get into shape for the fall season, time is a ticking.

  8. Awesome! People NEED to practice like this.

  9. Does push-ups to elevate heart… uses lead sled lol… fun idea tho good job!

  10. Fun video! Great idea for offseason training/prep. If you do it again maybe include shotguns and archery as well as the rifles? Variety is the spice of life!

  11. Ditch the sled.. Id get a 223. Cheeper ammo and you beat up less.

  12. Marcus I like how you discretely skipped #11 at 10:41. Good video, okay shooting. Just kidding you guys are great.

  13. Great idea, it doesn’t have to feel like work! Pretty cool video!

  14. Finally someone with legs as white as mine.😜

  15. Love these types of videos, keep them coming.

  16. You guys are hilarious and entertaining for sure.

  17. Love those first two shots where you can see the shot trajectory. I see this as a way to make getting exercise fun. Beautiful range.

  18. Pick up your crap people. Great message. We had wdfw put up a camera and started sending tickets to people that trashed one of my spots. It has since cleaned up considerably.

  19. 3:40 he counts 15…. 13….. what happen to 14?!? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. Is that a homemade metal target or is it a certain brand? I like how portable it looks.

  21. I haven’t ready any comments. But if y’all are trying to replicate hunting conditions, leave the dang lead sled at home. Shoot off the bipod, pack or anything else that would really happen.

  22. Love the prototype for the new range camo shirt 😂 7:18

  23. Nice job on leaving it cleaner than when you got there fellas!

  24. How do you call it hinting practice if your shooting off a lead sled lol

  25. Another game i play with friends is double deuce golf…

    Toss out a golf ball and take turns trying to pick it off with a 22..

    Great practice for trigger control and sight picture.. even more fun when its handgun only

  26. I live in Bozeman and I know exactly what chunk of public land your shooting on. Because I shoot and hunt there. And It is sad because after people get done shooting they leave their trash, spent cartridges everywhere and it makes the land look horrible and we as shooters look bad for leaving our trash everywhere.

  27. If you want to make it really challenging then shoot at unknown distances! Haha

  28. Which rifle did you each shoot the best with? Next time set out targets at unknown yardages and reset the dial for next guy to check your range finder skills too.

  29. That was a great video guys I’m definitely going to start doing this myself now that I’ve watched you guys doing it but it’ll be by myself

  30. AWESOME. I yell at my friends all the time – spend less time fixating on which bullet and load and, worse, shooting from a bench, and shoot in field conditions. And the best part, as an Arizona public land hunter and shooter: police up your and anyone else's brass and trash. I always keep a couple five gallon Home Depot buckets in the back of my truck to gather up brass and trash. Keep it clean, keep it open, and keep it nice.

  31. That is a good practice for anyone. I like the speed you guys got in the push up area. Man you guys or in shape.

  32. Lead sled? Whos not going to give you grief about that?

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