Scratch Bow And Arrow Shooting Game | SCL Community #11 -

Scratch Bow And Arrow Shooting Game | SCL Community #11

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In this episode of ShiftClickLearn’s Community, I play an awesome bow and arrow shooting game called “Target Hunt”.

The artwork in the thumbnail is from the game, “Target Hunt” by DaBredYeY.

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🎮 Play “Target Hunt”:

▶ Scratch Profile Page:

▶ ShiftClickLearn Community:

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  1. I always listen to your videos in the background while coding in scratch

  2. I love watching ur videos bc ur one of the only scratchers on yt that i like and u dont do tutorials to fast and the tutorials work. and ur videos are just amazing

  3. Cant wait for the next vid, great tutorial!

  4. Hey SCL! I'm sorry if I'm being negative, but I asked for a shout out in this vid… but I think you forgot to give me a shout out. Do you think you could give me a shout out in your next Community vid? Don't forget this time lol

  5. I am glad that you made a new community video after a long time 😀😀😀

  6. 𝙥𝙡𝙪𝙩𝙤ッ says:

    i have been subbed when u have 3k

  7. Great Video!

    0:51 – I've been your subscriber since you only had 900 Subscribers, And you deserve more than 10k!
    * i am ancient in scl of being the 938th sub (i guess) *

  8. hi shift click learn i knew you will post this game because its a game

  9. Hello ShiftClickLearn Could You Participate On Game Jam Or Create Your Own ? it Will Be Fun

  10. Hello! Remember the cookie clicker scratch tutorial video that you did yeah I followed it with a few of you cat clicker game tutorials. I just wanna say thank you so much! I also coded Golden Cookies on my version on cookie clicker with a ton of upgrades! I also showed the scratch cookie clicker project to my Technology Teacher and almost the whole class played my cookie clicker on the big screen! I hope you have a blessed life because if we don’t have you my cookie clicker would have not been possible! Thank you so much!

  11. You: lose a life at 210. Me: lose a life at 230 and get destroyed at 2260 in my first try.

  12. Could you make a rythm game tutorial?

  13. can you review this game called 2-player battle on scratch? and this game called "brawl heros v1.6"

  14. Nice video keep it up but why dont you try to learn unity?It would be cool wouldn't it

  15. How do you request a project for this series? I want to know!

  16. Here a another game I found called Dlym, it's also from scratch!

  17. BlueDaCreator! (Argentina 🇦🇷) says:

    🏡 tree, three, house, D O O R

  18. Hello, I love your videos and you were one of the reasons why I started to try to make tutorials!

  19. Hey Owen. Its sad that your discord server got deleted. I was wondering if i could help you certain things. I have been modding some servers some time and luckily didnt turn into the average discord mod. Like what? Anyways if you'd like me to help you just accept the friend request i sent and we can get right into it

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