Scratch Bow And Arrow Shooting Game | SCL Community #11 -

Scratch Bow And Arrow Shooting Game | SCL Community #11

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In this episode of ShiftClickLearn’s Community, I play an awesome bow and arrow shooting game called “Target Hunt”.

The artwork in the thumbnail is from the game, “Target Hunt” by DaBredYeY.

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🎮 Play “Target Hunt”:

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  1. YOOoooo this existed and i had no idea 💀. And yes the numbers took forever

  2. Thanks for watching! Also YES this video is perfectly 3 minutes long LOL.👌

  3. hiii im making you a game were its vs griffpatch

  4. remeber you said your cam said its gonna go boom boom

  5. 120 views comments 13. This vedio right now🐹

  6. I always listen to your videos in the background while coding in scratch

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