Scratch Tutorial: How to Make a Shooter Game (Part 1) -

Scratch Tutorial: How to Make a Shooter Game (Part 1)

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In this Scratch tutorial, I will be showing you how to make a zombie-survival shooter game. In this video I show you the basic player movement and bullets using clones, as well as zombies with health. If you want to check out my Scratch profile (all of my 8 games were front-paged), click this link here:

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  1. if you zoom a little bit that ok omg that work thanks!

  2. I wish I can do more than just like the video

  3. 3:43 hey on scratch 3 do you know where the block _ of _ is? Thanks -gamer

  4. if newer scratch i just use point in direction of mouse

  5. When I did this, the zombie lives variable affected every zombie so basically if one zombie was at 1hp and another spawned in, all of them would be set to 3 lives

  6. The direction Of the zombie coming to the player doesn’t work for me

  7. Pls tell me what APK you use to make that game pls tell me

  8. Instead of zombies i make them kids.

  9. I dont know what to press to shoot and when the bullets hit the edge they dont disappear

  10. Anyone else watching when there’s a part 12

  11. I did it so that A and D move directions and the arrow keys move the character

  12. If you get stuck at 3:40 on the newer version of scratch
    So create a variable called “direction”
    Pull out a direction input from “motion”
    Then use a “set variable to __” block
    Then set “direction” to direction
    Then go to your bullet sprite
    Then set its direction to “direction”

  13. i made a sound for the reload but i scraped it for fire sound

  14. somehow the zombies have inf lives but i fix it

  15. they don't shoo tin the right direction for me

  16. the zombies won't spawn for some reason

  17. For player movement I used point towards mouse pointer, and w to move four steps forward s to move minus three steps

  18. couldn't find the x postion of sprite two

  19. um my zombies are regening for so reason but i didnt put in forever loop

  20. no more 2 directions ;-; now HELP ME!

  21. This channel is the only reason im good at using this website

  22. Hey man I need a code to help me out please help me I have a grade on this bu May 11th so help me out!!

  23. Scratchhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! niceceeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I'm surprised that you only have 50k you definitely deserve more for all of the awesome tutorials and cant wait for more!

  25. I got stuck for I don’t know how many days and thank you😊❤

  26. Now I have another problem instead of shooting out of the gun it shoots out of the head Can please someone help me😢

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