Shooting PENCILS Into Ragdolls - Hard Bullet VR Gameplay -

Shooting PENCILS Into Ragdolls – Hard Bullet VR Gameplay

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Shooting PENCILS Into Ragdolls – Hard Bullet VR Gameplay

We’re back in the new Hard Bullet update in sandbox mode torturing ragdolls and creating custom projectiles to fire at them. I also spawned in some giants to take down. If you want to see more virtual reality content then make sure to like and subscribe!

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  1. Stabs guy in nuts be like (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH)

  2. you have been my fav youtuber for a long time. keep up the good work

  3. How do you get the camera into the VR game

  4. Ok I. Will. Get. You. You. I. The fight for me haha 😂 was the way to you have to it again lol I wanna fight. I know you have been doing that before but you gotta was a really great night and you had a good night I hope your day was fun I wanna fight!

  5. I love your videos I love you I'm your #1 fan

  6. Are you gonna show your face in the videos we're really excited to see wacky and you stop knocking over lackeys thing Sign for when you guys Going to stuff

  7. How do you get it I search it up and it doesn’t come

  8. YouTube: uhhh… yeah we can show this is god content
    Networks: o_o
    Me: hell yes

  9. How do I get hard bullet on oculus quest two

  10. AJ unspeakable Preston Jellybean aphmau says:

    I like your videos are funny keep making more of them

  11. You are my third favorite YouTuber and I love it when when you make these awesome videos

  12. "Painkiller" anyone? shooting wooden spikes or spears and getting that ragdoll physics.

  13. >_< •_• [₩༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽ ₩] can you play more boneworks

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