SNIPER VS SNIPER in Military Simulator Game Arma 3 Ace Mod -

SNIPER VS SNIPER in Military Simulator Game Arma 3 Ace Mod

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Cool sniper gameplay from realistic military simulator game on pc about modern war Arma 3 Ace Mod


  1. Ужас. Постоянная демаскировка и снайпер в одиночку не работает!
    Terrible sniper😂

  2. 2 mins in and already have my complaints. 1) you stopped in the open. Bad move. 2) you set up in an area that provides no concealment. There’s a perfectly good building to your right. 3) you didn’t range your targets. 4) you didn’t asjust for ranges. 5) your trigger discipline is none existent, you’re popping off way too many shots. I could go on for days about what’s wrong with thos video.

  3. The point of being a sniper is to not be seen , pick your targets that's further away from the rest god damnit !!!

  4. Yg main keliatan banget kalau kena sniper. Kalau bisa sembunyi dalam rumah 🏠

  5. 바보가 맞군 능선에서 쏘는걸 몃번을 해도 모르나

  6. Por dios si estás viendo donde pegan las balas en la tierra hace las correcciones apunta medio milímetro las arriba dios mio 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ no tenes madera de sniper un cargador para uno solo

  7. This game please kept today link super game brother 👌👌👌

  8. اسمها وكيف نقدر نزلها على الهاتف

  9. Yo queriendo ver un man bien pro jugando esto, y resultó ser mucho mejor mi abuelita jugando a la play station

  10. Yaar is game ka naam kya hai iska link discription mein Dal dena

  11. ممكن رابط تحميل اللعبه

  12. Disgusting to watch uskippable adds in succesion

  13. Guide how to not to be a sniper !

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