SoccerCoachTV - Try this Fun Shooting Game I did with Pentland Athletic FC in Scotland. -

SoccerCoachTV – Try this Fun Shooting Game I did with Pentland Athletic FC in Scotland.

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  1. and the hits just keep on coming from Coach Green

  2. did this with my under 13's, loved it and its helping them make decisions faster and get a shot on goal faster.

  3. Great stuff. Was looking for a 'closing down' drill for tonight – will adapt this.

  4. Nice drill, and i like the positif coaching.
    Thats the way i do it. Positif coaching is so important. ( in my oppinien)
    Greats from the netherlands.

  5. What corrections do you think should be made here in the attacking players??

  6. Hi Coach, love the videos. If you are ever in Southern New Jersey reach out and have a practice with my team!

  7. Give me a shout when you're back over please Shaun 🙏

  8. Hello coach we can find you on whatsapp

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