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Spec Ops RANK The Best FREE Shooter Games

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Welcome back Gamologist to another ranked episode of Experts Rank.

Today we are going to be Ranking the Best Free Shooter games, together with our very own Specialist of Operations Israel Wright and Cameron Fath. They have been with us for a long period… and what we know is that it’s their time to Rank our free shooter games.
Which one is going to be a General and which one is a Cadet…

Lay back and Rank on…
Cameron Fath:
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Israel Wright:
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Spec Ops Rank D-Day Missions in Games!

The Spec Ops playlist:

Thanks to all these creators for the gameplay
Some parts were recorded by Gamology
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Spec Ops RANK The Best FREE Shooter Games


  1. missing out on Planetside 2. It's a F2P FPS game too.
    It's basically what Battlefield 2042 could have been or tried to be.

  2. Enlisted is the best and I’m surprised that it’s free. It’s the greatest combination of a realistic shooter and an arcade shooter, especially since you can control an entire goddamn squad

  3. Israel mentioned Dr Disrespect, Twitch gonna ban Israel now lol

  4. Quite funny when one of the best free games its not on the list, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly

  5. Play hell let loose and high on life when it comes out

  6. They Need to Try Enlisted

    Enlisted just Updated on Early Pacific Theaters

  7. well I guess I'm the old guy on the team… I've been playing Counter Strike since its beta..

  8. yea and you can drive tanks on Enlisted

  9. 6:05
    Funny how butterfly knives are so impractical that it was used a lot in ww2 against the Japanese 💀

  10. Look at Tomographic and the F.A.S.T. Squad popping up on Gamology!!!

    Edit: just realized they used Tomographic for both the Warzone and the Enlisted clips

  11. man there's a game uhmm uhh named World War 3… yeah it's the name of the game 🙂 but it's at open beta stage and free to play now

  12. enlisted gameplay look like it the squad gameplay and not realist non realist you play as a squad you control so 1 player rest AI you can switch between them

  13. They need to give Project Reality a check too, the lower spec, bigger brother of Squad, its amazing that it still has an active community between co-op and PVP

  14. I kinda wanna see these guys react to gundam evolution

  15. the chad energy behind the "LOOK AT THOSE SHORTS" is immeasurable. 12:35

  16. Can and Izzy gotta check out or play more enlisted soo much to that game!

  17. Enlisted is like free version of Battlefield V but with better WW2 elements.

  18. They need to react to Project Reality!! It's like the father of Squad!!

  19. Thanks both of you guys for your services plus doing this channel 🙏 i'd love to watch you guys playing Half Life Alyx, Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous, Escape from Tarkov, Arma 3, Battlefield 4, 5 or 2042 against each other lol 🎮🕹

  20. Finally Enlisted gets a spotlight! How about some EXPERT’S PLAY ENLISTED gamology? Hahaha

  21. Stalker Anomaly is a free mod if you wanna show these guys that

  22. i wonder i like to see them react to Gears Of War Weapons

  23. They reeeally need to react to brothers in arms hells highway

  24. I’m still hoping Gameology will show them Verdun. I’m so curious what they would think, given there aren’t many WW1 shooters out there

  25. Enlisted is not free. You either pay with your soul or you buy premium squads and then it still takes some from your soul..

  26. I hope one day Gamology will react to Warframe.

  27. could even clash against the likes of Madara Uchiha's Complete Body — Susanoo, which was stated by Madara himself to have destructive powers rivalling even the tailed beasts.[4]

    In the anime, it is capable of spawning multiple Wood Dragon heads, each capable of self-destructing.

  28. Wait why does half of these game have like either low res or low graphic… I mean some of the game dont even use that much power… Take a look at Pubg with low graphic, Csgo low graphic stretch…

  29. Gamology should make an episode where Cam and Israel play vr shooter games. it would be fire to see how they use their skills in video games

  30. hell let loose 👀💦
    And Six Days in Fallujah 🧘

  31. Little do they know in enlisted they can swap between their squad because their all npcs and there is like 10 real players on each side

  32. The fact that they put Apex and Fortnite in but not valorant

  33. they enjoy fast pace FPS but look into Enlisted more.

  34. I never noticed you had Final Fantasy 8 in the background before and Now I respect you a bit more Not my favorite FF game but from one FF fan to another I have my sacred FF cow too

  35. "I cannot keep up", "Too much for me" – Must be for the kids !

  36. Not free to play unless it’s PS but Hell let loose

  37. Funny enough PUBG is probably the only free to play shooter right now close to Arma 3 since it was originally a modded game mode, and it still does retain that punishing movement that Arma 3 has, and the door clipping, you’ll always get stuck on the doors

  38. You can't make a list about the best free fps games without including things like ashes 2063, afterglow and wgrealms 2 demon throne

  39. You should add "Heros and Generals" 😂

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