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Spec Ops RANK the Most Realistic Shooter Games | Experts Rank

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This episode is like no other, Gamology buddies Cameron and Israel are back together for a special video, this time they will rank the most realistic gameplay they have watched from the very beginning of their time in Gamology. Did they age well, are they happy with the way they looked on these videos, how much have their thoughts changed for specific gameplay, will they react the same way that they did before?

It is a very fun and intriguing episode, with many spontaneous and funny moments. Watch it and find out how Cameron and Israel ranked your favorite videogames.
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00:00 Intro
00:28 Presentation
01:24 ARMA 3
03:23 Escape from Tarkov
04:12 Call of Duty Modern Warfare
04:50 Splinter Cell Blacklist
05:59 Medal of Honor
06:55 Rainbow Six Siege
07:53 Battlefield 3
09:19 Ranking
14:35 Conclusion
15:05 Outro
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The Spec Ops playlist:

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  1. Honestly I'm not sure I would put rainbow six that high on the list for realism, considering some of the gadgets it has are just as completely wild and outlandish like splinter cell and metal gear

  2. They should've reacted to the old splinter cell

  3. i’m curious as to when production on this video started, ready or not seemed to be a given on this. such a great game cannot wait for the january update

  4. Sorry guys I have to Arma since you can zero pick up separate magazines from tracers to different gernades and the fact there a weight system as will

  5. Just for fun review “Army of Two 40th Day”

  6. You guys have to check out Operation: Harsh Doorstop

  7. they need to show them bad company cut scenes

  8. The only point I'd argue about is Squad being better than Arma as it is only better in terms of personal-level gameplay mechanics (movement, recoil patterns, animations, interaction menus) while clearly losing the fight in terms of scale, customization, and the number of possible ways you can use these games. For me, Squad is something that sits in-between BF series and Arma, especially the way the resources are treated (you have ammo points? wtf is this? why can't I grab a mag from a corpse down here?) and the way you can change your character's performance (in Arma you can drop some stuff into a vic if you feel that you carry too much weight or you want to save some supplies for later) while Squad doesn't let you do any of those.

  9. Very disappointed that they put Arma in second. Arma is *the* milsim (well, if your unit plays it that way).

  10. I wanna see your reaction to the ai in Metal Gear Solid 2. The way they clear a room as a team is amazing.

  11. I think Arma 3 should be #1 and Squad #2 mainly for the modularity of scenarios and customizability. Unlike Arma 3, in Squad you only get a faction vs faction. Meanwhile in Arma you can do what Squad does and also have a wide variety of scenarios from the vanilla assets alone, from conventional forces, to clandestine operations embedding with insurgents or even plan out a heist for political or personal gains, it’s the Garry’s mod of the milsim community that’s why I think it should be the top realistic shooter

  12. I'm just surprised that Ghost Recon wasn't included on the list. It's more of a military based franchise than Splinter Cell or MGS.

  13. Wonder if you will play enlisted

  14. Squad Arma 3 are 2 and 3 tarkov is 1 its more in depth actually loading mags you actually mod weapons sights suppressors. That's just me tho

  15. Personally I think Arma 3 is a more realistic than squad. Due to the fact that the firefights are a bit more realistic as you have some downtime. In Arma most of the simulation is planning and discussing rather than just run and kill NPC's. And in Arma the air-support and extractions are performed by real players and cannot be controlled by NPC's

  16. Could I translate this video to Chinese,and post on Bilibili

  17. lol "you can't break a neck like that" he had a knife and slit his throat xDDDD

  18. Not fully a shooter, but I'd highly recommend having the boys watch some Door Kickers 2 gameplay and see what they feel about that game.

  19. Need to check out hell let loose. Definitely should make the list over some of these

  20. The story about the French special forces still gives me chills.

  21. Ive been playing squad for a while now and they allowed modded serves on squad main server list so you can even have more up to date military vehicles, weapons, and equipment.

  22. They should be shown splinter cell Chaos theory, it's more grounded than blacklist and I don't trust ubisoft to make a good splinter cell.

  23. I'd like to see a woman (who has been to war) react to these games. would be nice to learn about the opposite gender perspective too.
    Why only men get to review these games on Gamology?

  24. Would love to see some more responses to SQUAD, my crack rock of choice.

  25. I’m 17 and six pack playing tarkov on the same pills that my 45yr old father takes for blood pressure at 167

  26. Tarkov is my favorite game but its not really a mil sim like the others its more post apocalyptic survival so the ranking makes sense squad is definitely the most realistic mil sim

  27. Love the vid but idk why there's a mysterious black box on the screen at 0:53

  28. Biased #1 and #2 ranks. So the truth is Tarkov is the #1.

  29. I would like to see them recreate the same COD finishers as the martial artist did

  30. They should react to the old siege instead of the new siege with all the try hards and hackers that make it unrealistic

  31. If we're talking from an AI perspective tho Metal Gear Solid stays at the top. Of course it's not realistic, but at least the AI is so god damm good

  32. They still did not acknowledge the comments saying the Splinter Cell neck snap was a knife kill

  33. yeah but one thing about arma 3 that they didnt see is the EXTREMELY INSANE ballistics it has near 1:1 bullet ballistics, every crack of a bullet you hear in arma is perfectly calculated to sound like how it does in real life (edit also the US military uses bohemias engine for snipers in the US military)

  34. Love you guys. Review dayz I know zombies arnt real but the game Plat might be

  35. rainbow people are running around with spongebob guns and slide 10 metres every 10 seconds

  36. I mean battlefield and the modern warfare are more realistic then r6 siege r6 is so trash men damn

  37. Insurgency is bad ass i waited so long to ply it on ps4 know i can !!!

  38. One thing to consider about Arma 3 is that it's a sandbox game and so gameplay can vary. It's really up to the players and content creators how realistic they want it to be. The people you play with can make a big difference as well. Another thing to consider is the fact that the game is highly moddable and there are plenty of mods that can make the game a lot more realistic.

    Squad is even marketed as being somewhere between an arcade shooter and a more serious milsim game like VBS, or what Arma can be.

  39. "Can you see my eyes? They used to be so full of life, now they're just dead…"

    It wasn't war that killed his spirit, it was video games…

  40. As a combat military veteran myself, I have the say that the most realistic military shooters that I've played are ARMA 3, SQUAD, Hell Let Loose, Insurgency Sandstorm and Ready or Not.

    And as far as the one's that are more closer to real life military combat, ARMA, SQUAD and Hell Let Loose take the cake, hands down. All of these games feature surprisingly detailed full scale warfare that even touches on things that we have to deal with out on a real battlefield, like supply and logistics.

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