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Spec Ops RANK VR Shooter Games

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In this episode, we have our famous hosts, Izzy and Cam.
They will rank VR games in a tier list from D- being the worst to the top tier-S.
Games that they will be ranking are SURV1V3, Into The Radius, Propagation, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, Half-Life: Alyx, Gunman Contracts Chapter 1, and Onward.

Based on their experience in real life, they will be ranking the games on how realistic and immersive they are.
Stay tuned for a fantastic episode and see which game will be on the lowest tier and which one will be on top.
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Spec Ops RANK VR Games


  1. Come on gamoloy you got the budget, its obvious, get the full 9 yard VR set up and let us see their reaction

  2. this video is so incomplete, they basically got the barebones of all these games and some of the better games (Ghost of Tabor, Tactical VR, Breachers) Weren't shown and personally i'm disappointed that they weren't as they are as close to realism you can get

  3. How do you not have Ghost of Tabor, Pavlov, Contractors, Hard Bullet, Breachers, Blood Trail 😊

  4. shouldve used the pc into the radius and shown the cleaning system and it would have been a higher tier (also get the guy to ads)

  5. Where is H3VR it has the most realistic guns of all games imo.

  6. Onward used to be so much better. They sold out to Facebook and downgraded the whole game so it would run on the quest.

  7. Panzerfaust is an anti tank shaped charge launcher

  8. I’d love to see these two playing some vr games

  9. My boys are baaaaack. I absolutely love them!! <3

  10. Gameology, you really need to get these two trying VR, not just observing. Maybe have them react to their own recorded clips from different games for the sake of a video, but I think they need to appreciate the sense of immersion. Surv1v3 and ITR are super fun and for very different reasons; the former for the claustrophobic areas and coop and the latter for the amazing attention to detail for weapon handling and logistics. The fact Cam has played VR and mentions weapon operations in Onwards being authentic, you really did ITR dirty in this.

  11. They didn't show off any of the cool features of Into the Radius, I feel like they did it dirty. ITR is definitely S tier for me.

  12. They did in to the radius dirty that's literally the best vr game

  13. WW2 German Disposable recoilless anti tank weapon Panzerfaust. Not recommended to fire from tight confined areas. Lethal enough to kill any tank from WW2. Definitely bigger bang than 40mm grenade both at user end and at enemy's end when used. Even today its lethal against anything that is not as armored as Main Battle Tank.

  14. Топ видос теперь тоже буду играть

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