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Spec Ops REACTS to Crazy Clips from Shooter Games | Luck or Skill

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Luck or Skill’s Michael and Josh make their return to the channel today but not alone, they are joined by Spec Ops Israel Wright to react to your insane gaming clips! Apex legends, God of War, Battlefield and GTA V, the guys have so much great content to react to from flying grenade drones to a 9 turret kill-streak, your submissions just keep getting better and better. Which was your favorite clip or what were you most impressed by? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to submit your best gaming clips to us to potentially be in an upcoming episode of Luck or Skill!

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00:00 Intro
00:38 Battlefield 2042
02:18 Apex Legends
04:39 Rainbow Six Siege
06:25 God of War
07:12 Call of Duty Warzone
08:57 Squad
10:30 Battlefield 1
11:40 Back 4 Blood
13:21 Battlefield 4
14:53 GTA V
15:51 Rainbow Six Siege
17:00 Apex Legends
17:36 Battlefield 2042
18:37 Escape from Tarkov
20:21 Squad
22:05 Outro
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  1. Obviously we need some Hunt: Showdown clips… Kappa

  2. As a heavy LAT user in squad that was fucking skillful. He had everything calculated and shit, no luck there.

  3. The clip at 10:01 definitely was skill. The scope of the RPG and the hash markings/radical.. has numbers on it. And each grid/line is a 5 or so metres. So when tracking, you will know the distance to lift up and lean to left to right to get the right arc on the rocket

  4. That game with the rpg is squad and Is an amazing game that you guys should react to

  5. I really think you should remove "skluck", and force to choose either luck or skill, that would create more variation on opinions.

  6. Bf1 so fun get like 30 out of 50 right in front of them all lmg

  7. showing fantastic shooter game to real life veteran looks so stupid…and where is csgo videos? i think counter-strije not as realistic but most tactical game

  8. I was playin plunder with a friend to help him start, deleting people with a grau never gets old

  9. Bro this blonde dude weird af wtf 🤦‍♂️ talking about luck for everything

  10. I wouldn't say the 2042 clip was luck or skill. He just flew in the drone and blew it up. Nothing was skillful about it. Maybe, you could say luck, just for the pure fact that the tank happened to be close enough to try this? People have been doing the same thing since bf3, and even then, it wasn't skillful. Throwing c4 on a drone and flying at a tank was one of the cheapest and easiest things you could do to get a tank kill. A brand new player to the game who hasn't played a single match could do this in their first game. It is not skillful

  11. Siege clip with the twitch drone was skluck. It's complete chance that the dude happens to back up towards the vent with the claymore. There was intent, and he did hit him with the drone's shots, but the guy walking into the perfect position was pure luck

  12. There's definitely a handful of RPG gods running around wrecking shit in Squad.

  13. they are capping its not luck if the enemy miss their shots its just that they have no skill if i miss all my shots i dont say that guy was lucky i say im bad or he's good

  14. that rpg shot is largely skill
    Just getting it in that general area requires knowledge of the ballistics, and the markers on the optics.
    And you can see him make the (2) adjustments before sending it, so he isn't blind firing it.
    There is an element of luck involved, but i think he put in the max amount of skill into that shot as someone could.

    It most definitely is more deserving of skill then God of War, as that clip starts off with that player's previous attempt, and the player does not have any sort of reference to guide his throw.
    if you ask me, that guy had stood there the last 3 hours trying to hit a bird.

  15. the bf4 shot doesn't take a lot of skill
    with a chopper coming right at you
    and that weapon being ridiculously easy to aim and adjust for, this happens constantly.

  16. So Israel is a legitimate gamer now….

    He's not just a retired wardog

    Sheeeeeshhhh that gave me goosebumps

    Am a little proud ngl

  17. That RPG shot was skill, he ranged it with the sight or it wouldn't have hit

  18. at 10:10 it wasnt luck i didnt play squad but i played arma 3 and i now you can kill helicopter easy if you now what to do with rpg

  19. 0:50 i don't see ppl use this to often in 2042, but might I say I love this tactic myself.

  20. I'm starting to read this man's silences. Him and Cameron.

    "This happens in real life."
    "Wow. That's really cool."
    does his best job at not mentioning people he knew were probably killed that way

  21. the GTA clip…thats an oppressor. its got wings which allows it to fly

  22. the squad one is skill, look at the ranging, he goes for about 550 because the chopper is climbing, he has a 450 range marker on the map. Perfect skill with a bit of luck to get the kill, the chopper could have turned and a chopper is easy to miss.

  23. It is always a combination of certain amount of skill and luck.

  24. Skill for the rpg on squad you can read the sights for distance and speed

  25. That modern warfare on was skill, he had a drop shot which does take skill and he managed to win with basically no health or cover

  26. I got a pubg ad right before this video, and I just realized, they KNOW they’re dying,

  27. For the clip of bf1 where the dude was mounted on that turret and got 2 squads worth of kills i have to go luck. Id take skluck but im leaning more towards luck. I can't tell you how fast i wouldve had that dude gone. Any time you get that many kills in a row while standing completely still in front of at least 15 people firing non-stop youre lucky. All it wouldve taken was one decent scout and they wouldve died after the third or fourth kill

  28. Luke awesome tv Lucky skill YouTube video

  29. The battle feild zip line clip made me want you guys to do this with I snip I did on a guy on a zip line

  30. ok, from the reaction of the guys in the squad clip, it does seem more like luck. but i know a good few guys who can shoot down a heli a mile away with a tank round and be pretty much unphased. he had the ping and the heli had very little momentum, so, in my player opinion, its more skill

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