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Spec Ops REACTS to Insane Clips from Shooter Games

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Hey Guys welcome back to another exciting episode of Luck or Skill, where you have either Luck or Skill…
On today’s episode we have our very dangerous trio with our hosts Michael and Josh and our loved guest Israel, they are going to be looking at some very funny at the same time skillful clips of many different games.
Lay back and enjoy our very selected clips only for you.

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Spec Ops REACTS to Crazy Clips from Shooter Games


  1. 18:15 And then when the game launched you weren't actually physically able to perform this trick.

  2. Battlefield 1 is technically BF10 somewhat ironically (well, 10th game they made in the series).

  3. Idk but I feel like in this type of content you guys seems add in quite a lot CSGO. If it is, that means I really love it ❤

    P.S. yo Mike, ty man, you picked the game I loved #deaglequeota

  4. No clips from the Quake series, the most skill demanding FPS titles to date… A shame, but understandble, since all the rest of the clips would feel mundane and average in comparison.

  5. Bro he finished defusing well before they shot at him thats 100% skill

  6. i would love to see some tf2 clips in these kinds of videos

  7. Still play OG MW2, BO2, and BF4 with friends all the time.

  8. on the csgo clip around the 7 minute mark, i would have to say skill (and they need to take into account stuff like this more often when deciding luck or skill) only reason i choose skill over luck, is the guy is making use of what has already taken place, the smoke for example. his play probably revolved around what was happening in the moment, as he looks from player to player, it looks like he was originally going to kill them if needed, but after seeing the smoke he knew based of that what he play could be and what he choose to go with. thats 100% skill and understanding the game. and i dont think you can consider random spray from other players to could it as luck over skill, based on HIS play and not the other players plays, what he did was all skill. otherwise, if this was another players perspective and they managed to kill him, then that would be luck. This is just what i see from it. obviously everyone thinks different

  9. I wonder if they will ever play squad,i think they would fit very well.

  10. Can the special forces experts react to the army of two the devils cartel? It is a very complete game in my opinion towards coverage, shooting, simultaneous entries, perhaps not so much the recoil of the weapons but there are also many campaigns with different missions and injections of adrenaline, they could take many videos of this, in addition to the fact that the weapons from that game are great

  11. Show this to the seal expert and hes reaction will be priceless

  12. The 2 jet videos for battlefield the one with the carl gustav and then the c4 was in fact by the same person

  13. In the CS:GO clip @ 15:50 the profile pic was of the character Yamato from One Piece. Their Steam name, Yamate, is usually shouted and translates to "Stop it!" and is often associated with memes of an adult nature.

  14. I wouldn't agree with luck on the first Valorant clip, spray transfer isn't something easy to do, you need to have a good recoil control of spraying as well as good mouse movement accuracy. Even for higher elo players, it's not easy to practice in range and apply to real games, so I would say it's skill

  15. In Germany we have a saying that kinda translates to: 'Skill is when luck becomes a habit'….

  16. 1:53 this clip reminded me of a certain Line in a Certain Show.
    "I Aim where their heads should be"
    "How much did you practice to do such a thing???"
    "…A Lot."

  17. Luck or skill should be in the title I almost didn't click this video until I realized what it was

  18. Second Battlefield clip was from Battlefield 5, the failed ww2 Battlefield game.

  19. Can there be a reaction of filmmaker react to doom eternal cutscenes

  20. Crazy how halo infinite died so quick but the feel of the game was so good.

  21. Who are those two non-spec ops guys and what are they doing in this video?

  22. I just noticed Inverted’s headphones bro
    Astro A40s(?)
    WITH his logo too?!
    Dude I need some Astros like that😭

    The Battlefield strafing run with the Spitfire!

  23. Fuck skill or luck do something else this shit boring

  24. "BaTtleField" "BAtTlefield" f*cking hell…

  25. I love seeing you guys and glad to be watching yous

  26. The first valorant was skill they headshot the chamber than saw where the last guy was and shot there

  27. I had a definite "Luck" moment myself years ago back in (I think) Battlefield 2. I was in a tank and I see an enemy jet flying straight towards me, and I only have time for one shot, so I aim as high as I possibly can with the tank's cannon and I fire, and just as the jet passes over my head I see an explosion directly under the jet's engines as I get a kill notification. I was in absolute shock that I had actually landed that particular shot. Sadly, I do not have a recording of it, otherwise I would have absolutely uploaded it.

  28. Saw the video where Javelin hits ruZZian tank and one of orcs – flew the same way like at 0:20

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