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SpongeBob… as a First Person Shooter?!

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shoutout mixmorris
his video creating this:
my video ruining it:


  1. Mr,Crabs Overdoses On Ketamine is such a good game, Super glad nickolodeon thinks about the older audiance

  2. There's also a Call of Duty style 1st person shooter.

  3. Imagine if they did a Todd with that kid 💀

  4. Why did squidward have amogus in his eyes


  6. Bro said if I don’t say anything you don’t say anything

  7. ‘The past couple of decades’

    Ow. That hit me right in the age.

  8. It's actually been two shooters; SpongeGlock Squarepants, and Mr. Crabs Overdoses on Ketamine

  9. Fun fact the creator of sponge bob went to my school in 1981 – 1983

  10. What's this is the video called

  11. He's getting rid of the body Idkw I heard plankton

  12. Someone reply ang give me a link to this game, or the name of it, because I need it

  13. I'm not racist I expect all races equally including the bad ones

  14. Has he tried out the game sinister squidward yet? If not that will make an awesome video to make

  15. if there is lego nuts is there lego balls?

  16. Are you gonna make a full video of this? Or have you already

  17. When mister krab Deems squidward the employee of the month

  18. Is it bad that I can imagine a First Person SpongeBob game actually working well?

  19. It was never a shooting game. It was a fan game

  20. Larry's goons having wall hacks still my favorite part

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