start taking GHOST on MASTER YI 😉 -

start taking GHOST on MASTER YI 😉

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  1. this depends completely on the enemy cc for me.if i can dodge it better with speed ill take ghost but sometimes you need flash vs cc.

  2. Flash will always be better and having a better win rate! If you don't have flash in late game they will focus you and is an easy lose

  3. a lot of explanation to make you a penta by right clicking and maybe Q

  4. I had ulti ghost blue smite and heca out speed me har woth his e ghost he was toying with me

  5. What do you mean I one shoted a nasus with 230 armor

  6. FINNALY MY STRAT IS COMING OUT!!! thank you sinerias I always use ghost because of how fast you become combined with ult and it is so good to pick up kills early game.

  7. Front to back thats why i keep losing im still playing back

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