Stephen Curry Has WORST Career Shooting Game vs. Suns 👀 -

Stephen Curry Has WORST Career Shooting Game vs. Suns 👀

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Stephen Curry (4-for-21, 3-for-14 3PT) had the worst shooting night of his career when taking at least 20 shots.

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  1. LOL y’all can defend curry but not the bucks 😭

  2. Solid team defense but he had open looks that just weren't falling. Just looking at shots from this vid he left an easy 10-12 points on the floor on open looks.

  3. everyone was looking at him. the suns knew what he was going to do..

  4. The only way steph curry shutdown is his confidence.

  5. Something was definitely off with his shot. It looked awkward and different. Lack of sleep or sex before games can do that to you.

  6. It’s sad when the first thing I think after watching is there must have been something wrong with that ball lol. That’s when you know a person is a legend

  7. I saw something was off during pregame workout—- pressure?

  8. Can’t wait till Friday 🤣🤣 playing in his house !

  9. Is it a shutdown? Or Steph not in his good game that day 🤔

  10. He looks like that kid at the park that thinks he’s the greatest shooter of all time and just chucks up every shot 😂🤣😭

  11. The Suns did good job, however only on this clip he missed at least 4-5 shots he usually delivers… Can't wait to see how Klay comes back (not a gsw fan)

  12. Can you really blame him 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️he’s been having god on his side all this time I’d just be throwing up shots too

  13. he didn’t have his normal rhythm this night. looks like he wasn’t confident

  14. Suns deserve some credit for sure, but there were about 5 shots that Curry has been splashing all season. Just an off night

  15. I mean he was open or created open space in 5-6 shots in this clips

  16. No KD no ring. 2015 was a fluke against injured Cavs (love, kyrie).

  17. You know you’re good when your BAD shooting night makes a highlight reel 😂

  18. Curry been hoopin with the missus with the bigger rim

  19. About half his shots he had a good look they just weren't falling in

  20. This is pretty typical though, he can't shoot lights out every game. He always has a few games throughout the season where he goes cold

  21. Locked down? You mean off-night. If you watch the warriors game everynight you know Curry always shoots like that but this time it didn't click.

  22. Warriors is a very very very very good team.Even with Curry, going from Chef Curry to shitty Curry they only beat Warriors 🥷🏽 by 8 points.

  23. Great defense by the Suns, this is how hard Curry should be defended. However, Curry was also having an off day, blowing easy shots.

  24. Oh nooo our steph curry he’s broken …….😣

  25. Curry has the ability to shoot the lights out, therefore the heater can’t work. so of course he’s gonna go cold eventually. with that being said he was not shut down, he just shoots the lights out all the time n he got 🥶 cold.

  26. It was gud d … But i think he was tired u gotta have off nights shooting how he shoot

  27. Comeback baby!! Chef with over 50% 3pt shooting today with the winnn

  28. He must have been releasing his life force last night

  29. Magnet rims are forgotten to be turned on for Curry

  30. hha its not yet finals chicken curry already choking.

  31. Y’all say the defense but as a ball player myself he threw up some lazy shots here was not on his tip top shooting form

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