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Shoot tanks in sniper games! Action gun game: tank war battle. FPS shooter games

Passionate about war shooting games? Want to challenge your sniper skills? Then take a look at Tank Sniper — an action shooter game in which you should test yourself as a sniper tankman who is to free native lands from armies of invaders.

Is your tank gun ready, soldier? Then hide… seek for targets… and destroy them all!
It’s time to show everyone whose territory this is!

Tank Sniper is an exciting 3D shooter with modern graphics and multiple levels of varying difficulty. Try yourself as a real sniper — accurately shoot from a cover to hit enemy targets.

Peaceful towns are being occupied one after another — now army tanks are moving through their cozy streets and soldiers with guns are aiming from rooftops. Take on the role of a brave liberator and save the civilians from the cruel invaders. You have only one tank — keep it safe! Aim and shoot like a true sniper to win an unequal fight. Unleash the full potential of this armored machine: the accuracy of the sight, the range of fire and the power of the gun. Remember that you have a limited number of shells — use them wisely.

You will start the war battle in the ambush, where you will be completely unnoticeable, so the first shot will be a surprise for the enemy. After that all opponent weapons will be aimed at you: a sniper will immediately stick his shotgun out of the house window and start shooting, a passing tank will turn the muzzle of his gun to you and fire a powerful shell, military helicopters and drones will strike from the air. Do not hesitate! Hit as many moving targets as possible before you are spotted, because then it will be much harder to do that. Explore the area to plan and carry out a blitz attack properly: accurate shooting at fuel barrels can blow up a tank and an invader vehicle in one fell swoop, and a shell correctly aimed at a building may completely destroy it, eliminating at the same time a few enemy snipers lurking inside.

Pass levels and improve your tank to be more confident in a combat: enlarge the number of guns, increase the damage from the impact, add more shells, adjust the sight more accurately and make the armor stronger. Upgrade your tank and fight back with your enemies!

Tank Sniper shooter has intuitive controls, so you can play this action shooting game with just one finger. Short dynamic battles and gradual increase in invader forces will keep you in suspense throughout the game. Realistic sounds of gunfire, cannon blasts and exploding bombs, whistling rockets — all this, together with the colorful memorable graphics, will help you completely immerse in the game about tanks in a matter of seconds. Scenic location such as forests, blazing sunsets, snow-capped mountains, will delight you with their diversity. You will not get bored!

Now you know the rules of the battle. Ready to liberate the territory from invaders and return quiet life to the towns? Then go ahead!

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