The Best Arcade Gun Games Ever Made | Friday Night Arcade -

The Best Arcade Gun Games Ever Made | Friday Night Arcade

Friday Night Arcade
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These are in no specific order and I probably left a few off that would have been notable. Name enough and I’ll do a Part 2.

[00:00] – Intro
[00:59] – T2: Judgment Day
[03:22] – Revolution X
[05:56] – Area 51
[07:45] – Jurassic Park
[09:27] – Lethal Enforcers
[11:45] – Crossbow
[14:45] – The Lost World: Jurassic Park
[15:32] – Space Gun
[16:42] – Operation Wolf / Thunderbolt
[18:11] – Beast Busters
[19:39] – Lucky and Wild
[21:10] – QWAK!
[21:52] – Time Crisis Series
[24:27] – Virtua Cop Series
[26:09] – The House of the Dead Series
[29:08] – CarnEvil

QWAK! Arcade Footage:

Duck Hunt Footage:
World of Longplays – Played by JagOfTroy

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  1. Lucky and wild was a direct sequel to rolling thunder 2

  2. I think all these games really show that, you don't need the most realistic graphics, the greatest art-direction, or the fanciest technology to make something unique and attention-grabbing. Many of these look, for better or worse, like no others, but that just makes them more memorable than they'd normally be

  3. No mention of Ikari Warriors? That was one of my favorites.
    You had this Rambo character who had to go through waves of enemies with a rifle and a pack of grenades. You could do two-player also.
    This game had a special rotary joystick so you could walk forward and shoot backwards at the same time. Very fun. The final boss was very hard. I think I beat it maybe twice.

    Also what about Contra?

  4. God bless Kevin my guy I'm sorry for your loss

  5. there was an old western computer game mcgraw or something

  6. That's what I love about arcades – they have game experiences that you can't get at home with most home consoles like shooting big guns, riding plastic motorcycles, sitting inside flight simulators, hitting punching bags with your own fists, etc.

    I love shooters in the arcades. So much more fun than they are with a keyboard or controller.

    The Jurassic Park game was really fun. It's very imaginative and thankfully short so that you can actually see much of the gameplay without having to spend your entire allowance/chore money on it.

    Yeah, digitized video really didn't age well. It's almost as painful to look at now as N64 animation is. 🙂

    I never saw Crossbow. I'd love to find it.

    Time Crisis is probably the most familiar one in this video. It was a fun game that I also enjoyed on the PlayStation systems.

    Beast Busters looks like a ton of fun. I hope I see one in an arcade that's been restored.

  7. I got so good at Area 51 I could beat it with a couple credits. I also had the playstation version and in it if you shoot the first five humans with out missing you'll get to play as a alien bounty hunter. It makes the screen crazy colors and its awesome.

  8. bro, you talked about Area 51 and didn't even bring up the bikini room?? where's the bikini room???

  9. 1. Dead space extraction(serious horror
    rail gun shooter)
    2. Time Crisis- action fun
    3. Hod Overkill – gory fun

  10. Sorry about your friend, Kevin. I loved CarnEvil due to ICP as well. Well, that and that it's a riot to play. I actually got my father to play it with me like 15 years, and he never played video games. He passed away last year. Thanks for the great videos.

  11. Time Crisis 3 was one of the most exciting things of my childhood! Also R.I.P. to your friend Kevin.

  12. RIP Kevin ,you know someone was special when they are remembered fondly over 10 years later. I have great memories of Time Crisis 2 on the PS2. Every Friday night after school I would take the game and my trusty G-con2 over to my friends house who lived a few houses over. I would stay over and we would just play it until the early hours. We completed every mission in every game mode. We were 15 or 16 and thought we were so cool because our parents would let us have 1 or 2 bottles of beer while playing. Great times when your only responsibility over the weekend was to have fun.

  13. I'm so sorry hear about about the death of your dear friend Kevin. I'm sure he was a good man. May I ask, is that the origion of the "don't text and drive" warmings you give? Did he text while driving?

  14. That's why Nintendo hasn't had any good games lately none to steal from

  15. The best arcade gun games ever made! Revolution x, "This game isn't great by any stretch of the imagination!" ????? Now why is it included?

  16. I'm pretty sure I saw Lucky and Wild in the Chicago area at Galloping Ghost Arcade. Great game.

  17. I think it's cool and Noble of you to dedicate the last bit of your video to your fallen friend may you rest in peace

  18. Good list. I would have also included "Alien 3: The Gun" and "Gunblade" which is from Sega and is basically like Virtua Cop except you have a giant pulse rifle and are fighting robots from a hovercraft!

  19. Beast Busters was the bomb. I still have flash backs of playing this game with my oldest brother in the arcades back in the day.

  20. My favorite arcade light gun games would be Alien 3 The Gun, Jurassic Park, Lost World Jurassic Park, Lethal Enforcers, Operation Wolf, T2 The Arcade Game, Zombie Raid and The House of the Dead. And i have more of them been emulated, but some of them have problems, like Time Crisis, that has very crazy lag problems. And the Are 51 game… well, it doesn't even work!

  21. When I was little, the earsplitting mortal screams the heroes let out when they died in Crossbow always scared the willies outta me.😥

  22. Ah yes, Operation Wolf, the game where you invade an unspecified island country to save the same PoW multiple times from an army comprised at least in part of clones of Fidel Castro, while avoiding shooting two VERY overworked nurses, a Mama-san, a member of the Swedish bikini team, and Short Round from Temple of Doom, while pigs and chickens ran everywhere pooping bullets, grenades, and energy drinks.
    Good times!😀

  23. I've been watching your channel for years, and after finally watching this video, it all makes sense now why you ask people not to text and drive.

    I always thought it was a good message, but unrelated to your videos. Now that it makes sense, I respect it that much more. Sad to hear about Kevin.

  24. I loved most of these, played them all a ton. I loved Space Gun & Lucky and Wild. Wish there was still a Lucky and Wild cabinet out there, it was a ton of fun.

    When I went to Vegas this past summer I went to an Arcade that had a modern day Halo style arcade shooter in a giant sit down cabinet with graphics that looked like Xbox 360 or Xbone? Looked awesome but arcade game’s are so expensive now.

    Also had a friend in middle school back in late 90’s who had Time Crisis and Point Blank on Ps1 and I loved playing them at his place. Still wish I had the light gun and games on PS1, nothing like playing a light gun game at home.

  25. Lethal Enforcers, guy pops up point blank "YOU CAN'T SHOOT ME!"

  26. I'm a little late to the party, but excellent list. I agree with it with the exception of Revolution X.

  27. I’m not ashamed to admit I have played most of these.

  28. Ok I'm going to say it, is that McGuyver on the side of Lethal Enforcers?

  29. jesus christ, the blinking(flashing white light) actually would make me develop some aneurism, can you please chill with that in the future

  30. The Jurassic park game you said the sit down seat is based off the jeep wrangler???? Have you even seen the movies? The color pattern is obviously the Ford Explorer that they went through the movie with

  31. Sharing a game with friends is a good thing to have. Lucky you have one enthusiastic friend to enjoy a game.

  32. Area 51 was really fun to play because of all the extra stuff/secret stuff you could shoot very quickly throughout the game

    I thought the lethal enforcers screamed 80s lol, the cover looked like Miami vice

  33. My Sinden Lightgun arrived yesterday, perfect list for that 👍

  34. No offense, but "Time Crisis 2 & 3" were better. Not only did #2 bring a second player in to the action(sometimes putting foes into a deadly crossfire), but with #3, while hiding, the players could change weapons depending on what enemies they were facing.

  35. Whenever you have a memory of a long lost friend it is never dumb, sir. Thanks for the video!

  36. We had an Operation Wolf cabinet in our post-college party house. It was a blast! And I couldnt remember the name of the game Lucky and Wild until I saw your video! Fond memories of New Jersey arcades with that one!

  37. Kevin lives on forever through this video. RIP

  38. Fun fact: Michael Jackson (RIP) actually owned a Beast Busters arcade cabinet and during his 1991 world tour, he always brought it along so he can play with his crew or guests after concerts or rehearsals

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