The Best First Person Shooter Games on Switch -

The Best First Person Shooter Games on Switch

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FPS is not just frames per second

Journey to the Savage Planet:


DOOM (2016):

Metro: Last Light Redux:



Crysis Remastered:

Bioshock: The Collection:

Crysis 3 Remastered:

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus:


Crysis 2 Remastered:




Metro 2033 Redux:

Borderlands Legendary Collection:

DOOM Eternal:

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  1. Apex legends is still fun despite the many many drawbacks the port has.

  2. What abt war face?????? Nah screw that, its leveling sucks and requires u to pay money to rent better guns

  3. Does anybody know if Crysis 2 and 3 are getting physical releases?

  4. If you stop and think… Time only moves when we move in real life too!

    We are always moving, even internally. If we stop, we die, then the time stop for us.

  5. I'm still confused to as of why CoD Mobile isn't on Switch.

  6. I guess they completely forgot about Duke Nukem 3D, BulletStorm, and Serious Sam.

  7. I didn't see anyone mention it but Quake was the 3rd game ID software made after Doom 1 and 2

  8. I liked Paladins for a bit. Just didn't get addicted to it like I did other f2p games…that I've spent too much money on.

  9. You didn't include the most underrated Doom game, Doom 64?! Same price as Doom 1 & 2 & it has a new set of missions just for the remaster, making it worth playing before playing Doom Eternal?

  10. City of Brass is an inexpensive but EXCELLENT shooter. It needs some love.

  11. Thank you for reminding me that Metroid Prime is the only fps that I like

  12. Thw Switch should support Bluetooth mouse and keyboard for FPS

  13. Great list m8 but for me Bioshock 2 is my favourite. I am totally addicted to Borderlands 2 Game of the year Edition atm. Wolfenstein 2 is also 1 of my favourites. Would love to see wolfenstein The new order on switch. Doom 3 is an absolute classic.

  14. Metro kept crashing on me which sucks because the games are awesome… as long as it runs.

  15. Nice list, could Say "crysis trilogy" instead filling every gap with crysis, maybe fill it with Ion Fury, Turok, Project Warlock, or idk. I would swap Paladins with Apex Legends. Yeah it looks like crap, low fps, fps drop here and there, but i'm having fun with it

  16. Played doom eternal on stadia,ps5and series x and also grabbed it for £20 during black friday and Holy smokes is it a fantastic port kudos to the devs they did an outstanding job

  17. I got Doom 1, 2, 3, 64, quake, crysis 1 remastered, doom 2016 and so much more on my Nintendo Switch Lite 😀

  18. As if Duke Nukem 3D World Tour didn't make this list! Blasphemy!

  19. Cant believe you'd forget to mention Dying Light in one of your FPS games, it's very underrated and by a fan of theirs, it's a great addition to a portable console, The Nintendo Switch

  20. They need to remaster bo1 and bo2 for the switch

  21. Boy! Imagine if Microsoft brought the first three halo and gears of war games to the switch. I’d be in FPS heaven.

  22. Should have put the "real" DOOM 3 i.e. DOOM 64, instead actual DOOM 3

  23. How I play Doom: this game rips my ass
    How I play Crysis: haha shooty tree tree break

  24. I am dead serious when I say this, but I think I am gonna buy a switch lite just to be able to play dusk on the go.

    Is Dusk that good? Yes it is – believe me, just buy it. You will be surprised.

  25. How can you not include the remasters of the Turok games?!?!?! Those titles hold up extremely well in spite of their more dated elements.

  26. does doom eternal on switch still retain the photo mode???

  27. You guys missed Call of Juarez and Dying Light…though I supposed Dying Light isn't exactly a FPS 🤔

  28. No Quake?? Come on… at least there is dusk. Dusk is amazing

  29. Great list.
    Would recommend adding Ion fury, Strife and Turok on there as well.

  30. Wait wait! So we do have decent fps's?? Ones that aren't cartoons and kid shit?!

  31. What this guy says doesn’t make sense 🤦🏻‍♂️👎🏻

  32. I started with Doom all the way back in 1993 on pc. As for console fps’s Turok: The Dinosaur Hunter for the mighty Nintendo 64 was the first fps on a console that didn’t suck. Don’t get me wrong Goldeneye was fantastic but Turok for me came before that. Still good times with those games.

  33. Every single one of these games with be on steam deck, not to mention countless others the switch doesn't have, with a massive improvement on performance and visuals, Nintendo needs to step their game up in this regard.

  34. He don't like Borderlands humor ?
    Something is wrong with this Brit …
    But you have Monty Python in your DNA ? 🤔

  35. Great selection but you definitely get to go to the surface in metro 2033 it's just not till the end of the game when you do the library mission. Other wise really glad you added both metro games. The books are amazing too

  36. Which Crysis is best !? Or should they be all played in order !?

  37. this guy is smoking something real dank thinking that bioshock infinite is better than 2

  38. Question ❓ any First person shooter games coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2022 and I have one more QUESTION ❓ how come we never get Madden on the Switch 🤔 I've looked to why not Madden on the Nintendo Switch
    I really can't find anything. It makes no sense to me ,we get MLB NBA and I think NHL
    no Madden Hmmmm

  39. I gotta try Dusk. You have me sold on giving it a try.

    Im playing bioshock infinite right now. Love these games as well.

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