The Best Tactical Shooter I've Ever Played! - ZERO HOUR -

The Best Tactical Shooter I’ve Ever Played! – ZERO HOUR

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Checking out a new Tactical FPS game which is really starting to make waves called Zero Hour! This is not your typical run and gun shooter. It’s a thinking-man’s game where strategy, planning and good teamwork is essential! I’ve played many tactical shooters over the years but this one really surprised me! Leave a like if you enjoy the video. Thank for watching!

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About the game:
Zero Hour is a tactical FPS with online team-based game play that takes place in a variety of fictional locations interpreted in Bangladesh with Real-life scale & resource management. It brings a grounded, close quarter combat experience to the game. Zero Hour a serious slow-paced tactical shooter where good teamwork, tactics & planning is important. This is not a run and gun game

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▶ The Best Tactical Shooter I’ve Ever Played! – ZERO HOUR Gameplay


  1. I am very proud of our country who made this game

  2. Clear and concise review 👍. Combine your review with being on sale today and Its a no brainer 😃

  3. When the guy repelled on the roof on you and caught you reloading and you said "I deserved that." All I thought was: hell yeah! Where was your sidearm?

  4. One day I'm going to commit to gaming system that will allow me to play these type games. Good content bud

  5. This game would gain popular in 2022 or later in this year . I don’t have steam but I enjoy watching these videos

  6. Does anyone know if you can play this game solo?

  7. This game seems really good, I might get it myself
    this was my first video I've seen from you and you most definitely got my sub 👍

  8. If they added ragdoll physics, this game would be amazing. Something about the stickiness of the player models really throws off the immersion

  9. Play this game pls 🙏, it's awesome 👌

  10. how's the game online community I'm thinking about getting it but I saw some bad reviews

  11. This does look amazing, but for realism purposes dead colleagues should absolutely NOT be able to provide information about the match, unfair advantages. I know it can't be avoided if you use external comms, but this seems supported in-game.

  12. this looks so amazing hope the devs have panned many more cool things for this gamer i think i buy it too just to suport the devs.

  13. Now I'm gonna play pubg bcuz it's the only I have

  14. I want MW to be all Clean House. It's the best level I've played, ever

  15. This feels like a S.W.A.T and R6S child. With S. W. A. T being the one that gave most of the dna in the encounter.

  16. man i hope everyone who plays pc gaming tries this game . it Really brought me back from all loss hope for good games coming out. Reminds me of the swat PC games, A little bit of the original ghost recon and socom

  17. Come play against real players! Firewall Zero Hour

  18. i didnt know this game had multiplayer like Siege. i thought its only AI…. im buying it. right now we have 5 good fps indie games that are 1000000000x times better than corpo EA/Activision/Ubi trash. ground branch, zero hour, escape from tarkov, ready or not and WW3. i hope those games wont tdie and ppl will recognize them.. pls… ww3 is a lot better than bf2042 and it feels like bf4 homage

  19. Did I see a M203 option for that m4…. Automatic turn off 🤣 📴 I'm sorry but nuuuuuu lol

  20. imagine recommending a game that no one plays. Bought the game went into matchmaking, waited 20 minutes and then it disconnected me from server cause no one plays the game. Don't waste your money on this game, no one plays is, its a complete waste of money.

  21. Never really heard much about this game but it seems awesome

  22. This game was made in Bangladesh.
    We are proud 🙂

  23. If you like this game you should try the READY OR NOT Alpha. But it's $120 atm unfortunately, but it looks even better than this and GROUND BRANCH.

  24. This game is like kid of Escape from Tarkov and Rainbow six siege

  25. This game sucks. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. It is supposed to be a huge planning tactical game and you get less than 60 seconds to select all weapons, go over a map and plan a whole mission. Half the controls do not work proper, to open doors you have to stop, line up just right, hit the button and hope you're not being shot at. There are glitches everywhere and the change ever time I play.

  26. It sucks you can't find muh recent gameplay of this game

  27. Interesting game but I don't know if my modem can handle it without lagging.

  28. To bad this game is like Insurgency Sandstorm, and won't be close to releasing on console for at least a few years.

  29. Looks amazing but the canned death animations bother me. We’re in 2021, get some ragdoll physics in there!

  30. bruh, right after I watched this video, I got on zero hour, and it fricking crashed! 1st time ever happened to me

  31. bro this is what Rainbow Six should of been, the old R6 that was released in the late 90s had the same planning phases and realism (granted with the technology at the time). omw to buy this shit.

  32. Yo man, goose here, I must say I'm happy you're giving the game some much needed attention, I can definitely see it growing substantially in the future and being endlessly improved upon by a loving development team. Both games I've played with you have been the most fun I've had on zero hour, in all honesty I had no idea the games were being recorded but I'm glad I made myself look good, ggs bro.

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