The BEST VR FPS Games Available NOW (Quest 2, PCVR) -

The BEST VR FPS Games Available NOW (Quest 2, PCVR)

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Hello! Today we are going to take a look at 5 of the most highly played VR FPS games and compare them to find out which on is my favorite and maybe figure out which one is your favorite! It seems like I actually have found my new favorite… Doesn’t matter whether you’re QUest 2 or SteamVR, there’s something for you!

Today we’re looking at:


Pavlov Shack on AppLab


Population One:

And my new personal favorite.. Contractors:


  1. How does Hyper Dash no make this list it eats these other games for breakfast. So fast paced and innovative movement makes it seriously addictive

  2. you should check out Hyperdash, its one of my favorite games of all time and it is very fast paced

  3. How is hyper dash not on this list? Literally the best multiplayer vr game

  4. Hey great video, love these reviews, they are my goto for what to try next!
    If you are into fast paced FPS VR games you cant go past Hyperdash, i dont think it gets any faster! and its a ton of fun to boot!

  5. Why no HyperDash? Definitely one of the most fast pace fps games on the market rn.

  6. Its dead now, other than getting some matches with friends going but I absolutely love BAM (Bullets and More) still has to be my favorite handling of gun mechanics so far, along with so many different game modes and features.

  7. Cant believe hyper dash wasn’t even mentioned even though it’s such a fun fast paced fps

  8. thrill where's Gun Raiders, big pog fps on quest

  9. Contractors is the best. There, I did your job for you.

  10. i feel like what vr shooters are missing that flat shooters have is fast smooth and natural movement. its been tried but they can never quite capture the essence of a movement fps in vr

  11. You should check out HYPERDASH!!! Best FPS I’ve ever played!

  12. Gun raiders is best competetive vr game on quest. Free to play.

  13. if you played on a vrml team for Pavlov you'd understand it is the better competitive vr fps

  14. Hey you ever heard of Hyper Dash? It's definitely the best fast paced shooter out there. So sad you didn't mention it 😢
    There's already tons of competitions taking place, and such a nice community! It's definitely worth trying out

  15. I think I'm going to have to disagree with you on Pavlov vs Contractors. I actually found Pavlov to be a significantly better shooter. I ended up refunding Contractors because it didn't feel nearly as good to me.

  16. each time I play a VR shooter I imagine I'm in Gun Gale Online

  17. The idea that a free game can't damage the VR community is laughable.

    History shows that's so very wrong. Lol

  18. Honestly all the devs that have abandoned PC should be forced to give PC players refunds if not worse.

  19. Pavlov is CounterStrike Source, Onward is insurgency, Vail is Valorant, and Contractors is Call of Duty. (Only rough comparisons, sure)

  20. my friend and I submitted a refund request for population one yesterday the game itself is good and all if you get super lucky and fill up a lobby but that is insanely rare most of the time youre either gonna be alone or with 1 more person fighting against 2 – 3 other "squads" (most of the time 2) filled with master ranks and diamond ranks with barely any real action so u spend all your time just running around because you loot up really quickly at the start of the game and then you have nothing to do ofc its not the games fault that there arent enough players to fill a lobby

  21. Guys you should definitely try Hyper Dash. Crazy and fast competitive multiplayer team based shoter for VR. Great community and guaranteed fun.

    I'm sad it is missing from this list, but in my opinion Hyper Dash rivals on par with these 5 titles.

  22. I LOVE Contractors it’s fast the guns (especially the pistols) feel AMAZING and it’s cross platform so I can play with my PC friends

  23. You gotta build! Its a core mechanic of the game. Its easy just spam build when you are in the lobby. infinite builds so you can practice. Talking about Pop1 😛

  24. I dont even build in classic fortnite,because Its stupid,I allways watch how they build an entire castle,and when they show their head I just kill them from the ground…Work smarter not harder,so same in VR

  25. Pavlov will, always and forever, will be my go to FPS.

  26. I like Pavlov, Contractors & Onward and few days ago i bought Alvo the Game is weired but fun but i like them all 🫶🏻

  27. As a hardcore FPS player i have to say it is the one area VR has completely failed to scratch for me, dont get me wrong the immersion is there but it feels horrible and clunky to aim in alot of the shooters scope alignment ect end up being awful and its damn near impossible to actually shoot instinctively like i can with real guns.

  28. Please do a Larcenauts video, i'd love to know in detail what went wrong with this game. I'm one of the small community who have played this every day since releasee. It started out rocky but is actually an incredibly good game, despite its many faults. We've always had trouble building a relationship with the devs and it wouldn't surprise me if they've annoyed others. Maybe you making a video about them might kick them into gear with all the fixes we've requested for months x

  29. I love the habie reference. Thrill and habie are my go to VR content creators. Side note I despise how thrill reloads guns in vr lol

  30. Imagine population 1 actually gets 1 population.

  31. i feel like pop 1 would be 10x more popular if they went a fortnite approach and just went f2p

  32. i think onward is the best Competitive vr shooter

  33. Contractors multi platform maps from all kinds of games is soooooo good

  34. I would love vail on quest and I agree we need an overwatch type of game and larcenauts just didn't do it for me and thanks because you have helped me come to a decision on what game I want

  35. Been playing Hyper Dash for a while, but the player count is definitely dwindling. Sadge tbh.

  36. the reason why the pavlov devs stoped updating pc pavlov is because the pc version has everthing but quest pavlov does not so they are trying to give quest pavlov everthing pc pavlov

  37. Hey! I should definitely clarify, Pavlov on PC is NOT abandoned. This was a bad choice of words on my part. The Quest version is still the freshest updated version of Pavlov (the PC version has not received the same update, it is an update or two behind), but this is due to an entire engine upgrade for PC that is taking a long time.

    Sorry for the harsh wording in the video 🙂 We love all these games around here, their positives and negatives.

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