The Best Warframe Revenant Prime Fashion 2023? -

The Best Warframe Revenant Prime Fashion 2023?

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Today I just wanted to show off my Warframe Prime fashion with Revenant Prime! One of my prettier primes that people ask about!

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  1. I like it 9/10 (not a big fan of the black tinted veil, perhaps another color could work? maybe change the red too, but it still looks great)

  2. I would give it a 7.5 to 8 out of 10, the color scheme is good but i feel that the red is kinda out, it doesn't has enought to be a good present part i guess that a purple or green/turquoise to be on the "cold" side of the colors would fit better and the same could be said about the flames and the glowing dust, i guess that a blue the same color as the energy but darker on the flames could be nice and a brighter blue on the "dust" to make it more vivid could be a nice adition, and the syandana, i think that a short double ended syandana could be better, like the Dominus or the Tenui, or something on that line, since his sides and back could use some deatils that dont conflict with the tail on his back.
    Again, it's great but i guess it's just personal preference idk.

  3. id say 7/10

    don’t know why, it sticks out so much compared to others! and it isn’t green!! (Like every other) I feel like the body is a little empty compared to the rest tho.

  4. mid to me but use what you love. that’s the beauty of warframe 😌😊

  5. would change everything about it. other than that, 10/10

  6. okay, time to get specific:

    piece choices: 5/10. literally got it half right with the head being the best one, but the standard revenant prime body being far, far better than the one you went with, and even fits with the head choice.

    armor/syandana: 7/10. really good armor, but the syandana to me is lacking, and ruins the silhouette of the frame overall. something like the raiji or night hunter syandanas would look better.

    color choice: 7/10. you have your tints down for the blue and the black choices on the frame, but the white is overpowering and doesnt let the blue or the red really do its work. a slightly lighter red, and a more off-white would do this wonders. also, wash out the blue of the armor a bit more to fit with the hood.

    overall, id give this a 20/30 instead of a 19/30, because it still deserves some clout. shift your colors and change your body choice, and you could easily have a 11/10.

  7. Way better than everyone else using black/red or black/blue on Rev prime. 8/10

  8. Bro how tf does your rev look the same as mine shits crazy

  9. ❤❤❤ looks cool post the setup

  10. Interesting look, but the Memphisto skin is heavy over used, and the color scheme is slightly bland, atatchments and syandana choice good. Im a Rev main. i have put a lot of money in my rev fashion, and he's my frame. I always get compliments about.

  11. Really like the contrast between the prominent blues and the little red, besides that, eh.

  12. Tbh I like the helmet and colour scheme that’s about it

  13. Good? Nah. Bad? Eh… not particularly, but it ain't good

  14. The armour set for harrow deluxe works so well with the deluxe revenant skin. that is what i use with purple and light blue colours

  15. Really bad wouldn't be caught dead with it 10/10

  16. try change the color red with something else and the ephemera with the armor from the zariman

  17. Personally I like my Limbo Prime FF. Mostly whites, blacks, and blues as the colors, so rather tame and not to in your face, Venari helmet and the LimboP skin. Throw in the Caliban animation set, and you got a pretty nice interdimensional magician.

  18. not much of accent though, wanna see mine?

  19. I think I make better colour palettes 😂
    4on 10

  20. As someone using a base saryn with new 52 poison ivys colors, it’s pretty good.

  21. I wish DE would hurry the fuck up and let PC players join Console clans so I can have my custom sigil back.

  22. Only real thing that bugs me is the ephemera, other than that its a pretty decent look.
    You get a 7.9/10 from me bro

  23. 𝐙𝐚 𝐇𝐚𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐫𝐚💨🍃 says:

    The fashion is Ight. It’s the skin tbh. The skin is good but it’s similar to mirage’s oneiro skin, it doesn’t need too much on it

  24. It's very ok. Just feel like the deluxe skin is a bit meh compared to other frames' deluxe skins.

  25. You could possibly make it good if you completely changed it and took fashion a little more serious

  26. Looks so amaxing! I'd have diffrent colours but i guess everyone has diffrent preferences anyway 🙂

  27. can people gift this kind of cosmetics?

  28. 10/10 but the zariman hands ephemera would fit more

  29. The first thing I thought of when looking at this character skin was toothpaste

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