The Finals Gameplay and Impressions... -

The Finals Gameplay and Impressions…

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The Finals gameplay has some of the best destruction I’ve ever seen in a multiplayer video game, this is crazy. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.


  1. Got into the beta today, mostly been playing Heavy and I'm enjoying it well enough — the TTK is very long, which is actually nice IMO, I feel like they oversold the destructible environments a bit though.

  2. Jack you are the dark knight of this game with all of those utilities haha

  3. THe way battlefield OG should have been before battlefield 4..

    this game looks alot like the oG battlefield.
    I hope this company makes a tdm or AAS mode

  4. actually feels like valorant in a circus

  5. The kind of destruction battlefield should get back to…

  6. I wouldn't say I like the long time to kill in fps games, probably in tps games, but.. let's try it. Graphics and destruction possibilities look ama

  7. getting one hit by melee weapons while they're invisible makes this game DOA.

  8. The way you move and shoot feels like Battlefield (Hardline).

  9. Easiest way for buildings to be completely destroyed is during the Meteor Shower event. I was actually caught in a building that came down because of them and got stuck in the rubble lol

  10. So this is BF Hardline with the destruction they kept sealed since BFBC2. I loved BF Hardline, one of the best for gametypes.

  11. Damn my gut tells me this game will EXPLODE! everything was so smooth and good. I would choose this over BF2042

  12. imagine Escape from Tarkov with this destruction..

  13. hopefully they make a deathmatch mode just like battlefield and also have the battle royale style

  14. Is it me or some sound effects look like bf ?

  15. Inexcusable how BF dosent have destruction like this

  16. Has anyone tested how this game performs on the RTX 3070? I am really excited to play this game but I don't know how well my pc will run this and at what settings considering how good it looks.

  17. FInally something easy to play, fun and so caotic. Can't wait to try this!

  18. "yep its a big hole in the wall" if only there wasn't 20000 layers of fog and smoke preventing me from seeing anything

  19. I can't wait for this, COD is no longer fun. This looks fun.

  20. I've play tested this, the TTK is abysmal and the destruction is unfortunately nothing but a gimmick

  21. More gameplay that looks nothing like the hype reel. Jack… Speak the truth! You know it too.

  22. it's too hard to see enemies when ADSing .They need to fix that.

  23. A shooter that excites me more then the regular main ones you see i just hope it can support what it looks like and i hope it doesnt die after a month

  24. when people's die turn into coins… remind me to that one chapter in Bobobo bobo bobo XD

  25. It lookw like you are playing against bots xD

  26. This game gonna be crazy. Looking forward to play

  27. Watching this looks like fun to play. Playing it must be even better

  28. Sorry, but what kind of game's this final gameplay is? /s

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