The FPS Game That Has Hyper-Realistic Graphics -

The FPS Game That Has Hyper-Realistic Graphics

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  1. Wayyy too much exaggerated motion, makes me instantly motion sick.

  2. Everybody before you watch make sure to turn up your volume 😁your welcome

  3. Imagine playing this in VR with the sound up.

  4. When I saw this game on Facebook earlier I thought this was fp shooter roleplay, looks that real

  5. Got to give props to a 17 and 20 year old that worked some dang wonders in the Unreal Engine… Amazing how technology has grown… Need this on the console eventually

  6. When you thought of 2024 video games as a kid, this is what you pictured they would look like

  7. this is actually a game thats just ripping off the hype of unrecord

  8. Seen this game a couple months ago and fell in love. I literally just liked your video and now all down my youtube stream i see many other people testing out this game and making videos. I can't wait to try this. This takes it to another level. Definitely the realism ive been waiting years for. .

  9. Yes, they are 2 guys that have developed this game with a so much realistic lighting, animations and graphics, 2 guys WITH ALL engineers working at EPIC…

  10. so… whats the name of this game?

  11. ive realised the graphics seem so good due to all the blur and distortion but when you sit and focus on something and turn most of the effects of it does look normal, but i do love it very fun game! im just not enjoying the amount of latency it has atleast it feels like theres loads when moving and even just the walking movement

  12. is this 1 team vs another multiplayer team?

  13. stalker with this kind of gameplay is gonna be sweaty

  14. the next call of duty will kill it, you know why??… cuz the majority of people wanna play a colorful, no recoil shooter game with a satisfying shot sounds, not a Goddamn noisy death simulation

  15. It looks good but feels like a toaster and the servers are empty as hell.

  16. Hope this game will live for long time and won't eventually end up as an early access demo to Unreal Engine

  17. When two kids can make a better game than billion dollar triple A gaming companies. Kinda tells you how F'd up big corpo's are and how they're intentionally screwing the general population to line their pockets.

  18. What tarkov graphics should've been like

  19. hopefully some day before i die i can play stalker 2 that looks like this

  20. imagine the game is 18+ and one of the developers can’t even play it lmao

  21. Asset flip ripoff of "UNRECORDED" that actually plays well

    Needs more blood and dust

  22. I like the creepy horror game lighting vibe. I watched a group of youtubers do a 3 player deathmatch in the farmhouse which was fun . The oil platform looks like a fun map too.

  23. I just turned on my headphones and they were at max volume for a shotgun blast. So immersive it gives you tinnitus.

  24. Love the hyper realistic. The recoil, sound, etc. But why blur the face?

  25. This game looks and sounds frigging amazing, game play looks good.

  26. I have to say, I love the Menu Music they have!

  27. Games made by big companies can have a budget of half a billion dollars, with giant office buildings, lots and lots of professional staff with fancy university degrees, ad revenue, etc, etc… While these two brothers – aged 17 and 21 years old – make this masterpiece, on a shoestring budget, with probably little to know experience in game development. What kind of world are we living in…

  28. I hope they add more concussions & flash from the gun shots in tight close places.

    Concussions are really strong IRL in tight places and it could be used to cause sensory overload in CQB

  29. Over hyped game. No way im paying 30 euros for a "demo".

  30. This game has epilepsy , PTSD , CANCER , TRAUMA and BADASS Warning before it starts

  31. cant wait for this to end up on facebook as combat footage

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