The Free FPS games I've been playing in 2022... -

The Free FPS games I’ve been playing in 2022…

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In today’s video, I describe the various Free to Play games I’ve been playing in 2022!

Hired Ops:
Planetside 2:
Ring of Elysium:
Combat Arms Reloaded:
Halo Infinite:
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  1. dude tNice tutorials is super good! subbed <3

  2. the game at the end like the 23:19 min mark whats the games name seems fun

  3. I remember Ring of Elysium having unique game modes, so idk if you are right

    Also it had some kind of Korean game aesthetics on it, PUBG and Fortnite actually ended copying it

  4. putting in….they are only visible on the mini soft roll preview, I can’t do sNice tutorialt without seeing what notes are being played…i can’t even

  5. I actually paid for splitgate an it's free now wtf

  6. I forgot about halo I bought it when it first came out, beat the campaign in 2 days and was very disappointed with the amount of content for multiplayer. But sense I'm looking for a F2p shooter on PC right now, maybe I'll give it a shot until the new Modern warfare 2 comes out

  7. hired ops reminds me of contract wars

  8. I've been playing Warface for about 3 years on Xbox and recently have moved over to PS4 but it's a game that I've dropped hundreds of dollars into because it's one that I truly enjoy playing

  9. Between Producer and Signature, wNice tutorialch SKU would you recomnd? Is Signature worth the 50% price bump? ItNice tutorialnk I want to have

  10. Thank you sir, in tNice tutorials tutorial I've learnt alot from you!

  11. What a great video. Super well explained, thanks! Any video in your channel on how to record yourself with soft soft? I'm under the

  12. I mean i would much rather play something like apex val or cod

  13. Warface…the pve side needs more missions lol. Also the players are adhd twitch monkeys

  14. Станислав Матвиенко says:

    You forgot about Quake Champions.

  15. Станислав Матвиенко says:

    The Free FPS games I've been playing in 2022… Ironsight, Halo Infinite, ET Legacy, Quake Champions, CoD Black Ops (Plutonium), CoD Black Ops 2 (Plutonium), CoD Modern Warfare 3 (Plutonium), CoD Modern Warfare 2 (IW4x), CoD Advanced Warfare (S1x), Paladins, Team Fortress 2 and CS GO.

  16. Every single one of these games are crap.

  17. you should check out a game called shatterline, free fps shooter with good optimaztion graphics gameplay movement and community aspects. ticks all the boxes for a good replayable fre fps

  18. Generation zero, and second extinction are both awesome. Both have some bugs but the full release of second extinction is in a few days and generation zero just got a huge update. I'd love for those to get a little bit of coverage

  19. oh wait since hired ops is not dead anymore i remember i was playing it 3 years ago and it was completely dead

  20. Ironsight sounds interesting since black ops 2 is one of my favorite games ever.

  21. did you ever play warrock, Best Fps game ever made.

  22. I'd like to see a Blacklight Retribution Reloaded.

  23. The incredible new and creative fun games we find when we step away just a bit from brand loyalty. Excellent video I hope you make more videos like this showcasing more of these less talked about fps games with the Design philosophy of the olden days.

  24. Man, I grey up on combat arms. I would always play the Snow Valley map in TDM. In fact, I'm thinking to reinstall it and play.
    Is the community dead?

    Thank you for the list

  25. I think you should "PVP Multiplayer" to the video title". Great recommendations, definitely want to check out Iron Sight. My blops 2 itch needs scratching

  26. I'm pretty sure I used to play Combat Arms on Facebook, haha. Back then, it blew my mind, somehow. Man, I miss Facebook having just the weirdest assortment of kinda good games that aren't impressive on their own, but it's mind boggling that you can play it FOR FREE, on FACEBOOK. God, do I love those days.

  27. For the warface game I need to mention two things you didn't mention/know in the video – once you hit level 40 you get thrown into the "pro servers" (literally what they call it) and the game gets 10x harder.

    You can also pay with real money to get weapons in the game, weapons that are pretty good making it pay to win (this isn't a big deal until you reach level 40 though, that's when you'll start to see them) just something to note, after that happened I felt pressured to spend money and didn't enjoy getting melted constantly, before then I played the game religiously.

  28. do you want a steam key for the game im working on?

  29. I love the movement and shooting of Apex Legends but never liked Battle Royal… I want APEX Deathmatch.

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