The Game That Stephen Curry Became The Greatest Shooter Of All Time! -

The Game That Stephen Curry Became The Greatest Shooter Of All Time!

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The Game That Stephen Curry Became The Greatest Shooter Of All Time!


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  1. This game made steph curry the only unanimous most valuable player in the league..
    And i was stunned and speechless as i witnessed these most hyped and historic shot made by steph watched by the fans all over the world..🤐🤐🤐

  2. And OKC got this again later in the playoffs…

  3. Is anyone else re-watching this whilst Curry is in the worst shooting slump of his career?

  4. Stephen Curry back must be hurting a lot from carrying his team 😂

  5. I will never get over this game. Because Westbrook talked so much shit and tried to discredit my mans. What am amazes me more is the most three points in a game is held by the other half of the Splash Bro, Klay. One and two. Watching them live is ALWAYS a good time no matter what. The whole place be going crazy, the roarcle was a little more louder and authentic in my opinion. Chase center is cool too though.

  6. as a warriors fan, I liked them better without durant

  7. west brook cry hehehe gsw destroy the thunder hehehe

  8. I was at the gym trying to release as fast as him and it's crazy af how he got water magnets in his aura or some

  9. Love how the 3 pt line Turns red when a player shoot 3s

  10. Bro the fact that he can shoot over defenders that look twice his size and have maybe a foot of space maybe and still splash it from deep 3 point bro is crazy talented💯

  11. Uh no. I'd take Jerry West THE LOGO over Curry any day and twice on Sunday. West was just a better all around player.

  12. He has always been the best shooter, we werent’t just aware of it yet

  13. and he OKC crowd cheering for Stephen Curry 👍

  14. curry was absolutely unbelievable this game. i remember it.

  15. Kd foul out Andre Roberson foul out hha

  16. there was a commercial that had all these stats when curry was doing his lil dance. does anyone know what that was for?

  17. Wait this guy has ankle problem and he's doing 3 pointers like he's walking his dog in the park😂 crazy

  18. This when Durant was like fuck this shit ima holla at Steve Kerr after this game 😂

  19. You know you hit a legendary shot when the home teams playoff crowd goes crazy as their team loses.

  20. It’s like bro got hot spots everywhere on the court , a hand in his face couldn’t even stop him , definitely best shooter of all time

  21. Lol he's a beast but no one could shoot like pistol 🤷‍♂️

  22. Back when curry was'nt double teamed every goddamned time

  23. KD on “OKC” he like OK I SEE I needa join them 😂🤣

  24. Thats the scariest steph curry ive ever seen. That legendary gsw shirt uniform in OKC. I remember watching this game live back at home, i felt the same feeling of miami vs celtics back in 2021 playoffs with the legendary lebron james death stare. And when curry shoot that long range three and it went in. I was thinking twice if im still watching a basketball game.

  25. What’s up with the 3 point line being highlighted red when some takes a 3

  26. steph fr shoots like my 2k playshot in mycareer that averages 70 ppg and 90%+ fg %

  27. Jesus Christ, yes everyone you heard it, that’s Jesus Christ disguised as a basketball player that will fuck up your whole mood as he sinks them 3s from any line on the court whether it’s from his teams free-throw line or from his opponents..

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