The Massive Survival Shooter You've Never Played - S.T.A.L.K.E.R. : GAMMA (it's free btw) -

The Massive Survival Shooter You’ve Never Played – S.T.A.L.K.E.R. : GAMMA (it’s free btw)

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  1. How big is this game though. Hopefully not more than 10 gigs.

  2. Its beyond me that this is free. Amazing.

  3. "The deep, and dark depressing land of post-apocalypse Ukraine." Otherwise known as, "Ukraine".

  4. ᛟ 𝕯𝖗.𝕻𝖊𝖗𝖚𝖓 ᛟ says:

    Looks same like shit . Wooden like all ruskei games. no thanks .

  5. GAMMA is the best game i've ever played. Bar none. Full stop.

  6. i remember stalker …
    i was always too afraid to play that game when i was a teenager, but it fascinated me lol
    it was a love / hate relationship haha

  7. Impressive ammount of effort you've put into this vid. Just like the game. Credits too you Drewski (L) Couldnt stop laughing at the ''this dude has seven artifacts?!'' XD

  8. There should be a co-op mode now THAT would be awesome

  9. "The game you've never played"? Wtf? Tons of people have played STALKER and its mods.

  10. Stalker reminds me of metro: exodus but open world

  11. Wait this is the map of shadow of chernobyl holy fuck it looks good

  12. Just downloaded this yesterday with my friend and we are so immersed. I mean there are games the excite me and then there are games like these where I am basically awake until 5AM playing it.

  13. Oh of course I've played it.. I spent a lot of my life on this game.. Entire days would pass an I would stay on the game.. I love it and will always class this game as a master peace.. I got interested in the history of Ukraine

  14. stalker minus monsters. does that exist? with smart ai…

  15. Thanks for the heads up. Totally forgot about how amazing stalker was.

  16. in some period of time ama let you know of the one game something similar to this . but better

  17. bro id watch you and your buddies play stalker for hours

  18. glad people are still discovering this master of masterpieces

    – Red Forest Dweller

  19. The phrase "post apocalypse Ukraine" has kind of a depressing tone to it now : (

  20. Did BSG just rip all the gun models from the STALKER games to put in Escape from Tarkov? They are legit identical.

  21. The rant about Ghost Recon is valid in reverse for COD MW2. AI are Gods and the player is dead in 1 shot.

  22. Really wish there was a game like this that was multiplayer. Would love to run around doing this with friends!

  23. we never played cause its SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

  24. Glad I saw this then waited a month to download everything xD given the rush. I've missed Stalker so much and that recent Chernobylite game just wasn't it.

  25. The ai in this game is cracked af sometimes lol

  26. Man just wanna say A HUGE THANKS for bringing my attention to this game.

  27. Can you play this game with your friends? I've been looking around it seems this one only for single player

  28. This year has been awesome for gaming. huh

  29. the whole stalker franchise is a major heap of dogshite and is NOTHING like EFT lmao not even close

  30. "2022 being bad for games because generic multiplayer shooter games were garbage?". Man, all multiplayer games are garbage, by definition. And most of shooters too. Stalker was one very few FPS that were fun

  31. i dont know why this is so difficult, but i cannot figure out how to download the 1.5.2 version. my computer asks to replace or skip the files and i dont know what to do from that point on. also am i supposed to extract the update to the file i downloaded 1.5.1 ? because that’s when the computer asks that

  32. Thanks a lot, Drewski. I underestimated how fun this game+mods could be in 2022. It's a fantastic sandbox experience and an incredible upgrade of the vanilla stalker trilogy. 🙂

  33. Anomaly (standalone mod) is available for free on Moddb:
    GAMMA (installs on top of Anomaly / recommended for experienced Anomaly players ONLY) is available in this discord:
    The main games, while not required to play anomaly, are good for learning the universe/lore and are very cheap on steam. I grabbed all 3 games for <$10. I highly recommend this option if you're a big story lover in videogames.

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