The most INTENSE VR shooter you've ever played... // The BEST VR SHOOTOUT experience -

The most INTENSE VR shooter you’ve ever played… // The BEST VR SHOOTOUT experience

Beardo Benjo
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This Half Life Alyx mod is still one of the most intense VR experiences to date and it’s absolutely FREE, if you want the best VR shootout then you need to download Gunman Contracts (1 & 2) right now… There aren’t many VR games that truly capture the feeling of a flatscreen FPS campaign shooter or a shootout in a high budget action movie but Gunman Contracts VR does it with ease, the tension of pushing through these locations creates a true John Wick VR gameplay loop that leaves you feeling like an absolute badass. If you want incredible VR gun play and some of the best VR shooter action out there then check out Gunman Contracts VR, hopefully we won’t have to wait much longer for chapter 3!

The Gunman Contracts mod is broken down into two chapters so far and the footage in todays video was captured entirely from Gunman Contracts chapter 1 running on an Oculus Quest 2 via airlink. To access this content all you need is a VR capable PC, a copy of Half Life Alyx and then a VR headset of your choice, the game looked and ran beautifully on my Oculus Quest 2 with airlink but this will be dependant on your network environment.

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  1. How do I get this game on my oculus 2? How do I found out about airlink?

  2. beardo, i searched it up on meta quest 2 but it doesnt show up

  3. Beardo, how did you manage to emulate Ricky Gervais's laugh so well – and often his wit !?

  4. just to be clear, I know the mod is free, but do you need to own Alyx to have access to it ?

  5. This guys reactions were priceless. It explains why the English cant have guns. 😀

  6. Looks amazing but I wish the Ragdoll were more realistic then this would be a new favorite

  7. how do you hold your gun with both hands without your controllers hitting eachother?

  8. do i need pcVR? or can i find it on vr

  9. Looks amazing, but … how can you have Emily's back if you're leading her from the front?

  10. I'm confused, you said you dont like that VR shooters are not as fun and 'bombastic' as COD games, and that this game is close. But all you did was go into a bar and shoot people. If what you just played was an actual level in COD, it would be a very boring mission. The appeal of this Mod isn't that it's like COD, it's that it's realistic

  11. looks to easy , need to reach 6DIF then it would be fun

  12. I’m kinda new to meta quest and vr. How and where do I play this game? Is it only pc?

  13. Well, youre now able to play Flat Screen games that have the Unreal Engine. With the UEVR Mod 😀

  14. I wish they would make world at war in vr

  15. Yh I totally agree. I think the main issue is, that VR games are just mostly not AAA games. But thanks to the very pricy meta quest 3, FSR and DLSS, i am very optimistic that this will change very soon. WHat i also personally miss a lot, is VR games you can play very well when sitting. It is just the problem, that i am not the youngest anymore and i really have strong back pain and i simply cannot stand that much. And I think there are many people with this problem, also paralyzed people.
    I really hope, that more games will have additional modes for people who can't stand.
    What i also highly disliked about alyx was this annoying lack of Ammo. Alyx is such a great game and it is just so annoying, that you have way to less Ammo, especially as a beginner when you are not aiming that well yet.
    But what they did well in alyx is the recoil. Because you don't really have physically recoil it sometimes feels very odd to fire a weapon which has intense recoil but you don't have any on your hand.
    Maybe it could also be part of the controller in the future. Would be amazing, like the motors in good driving wheels.

  16. I still have to play through Half life Alyx but i think its still the best VR experience, yet ^^

  17. What game is this called on vr I can't find it

  18. All this one shotting in the head is such b*****

  19. Gunman contracts is the Hitman game we wished we had. I can't wait for the stand alone game

  20. Psvr2 absolutely needs this, looks way better than Pavlov and Sierra squad

  21. Not for me this game VR sucks as a gaming experience for me. PC gaming forever

  22. I got the quest 3 just need the pc but I'm not a pc person it could come to psvr2 I can do that….

  23. Was this from the quest 2 or the valve index? I saw the finger tracking a little I think which I don’t think quest 2 has?? Would be gladly appreciated thanks

  24. Dose some one know i get the oculus rift s would it be good on pc and some one knows for good games its my first time in the vr world

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