The Most Realistic FPS Setup -

The Most Realistic FPS Setup

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  1. Imagine you playing. All your friends and neighbors hear is your house crumble

  2. Ok but you wouldn't be sitting in real life so not realistic. He needs to be standing and leaning forward to absorb the recoil properly

  3. “Yo bro where did you go”
    “Sorry i got flung outta my chair by this thing”

  4. Bros tryna kill himslef with the sniper recoil and his set up💀🤣

  5. The sniper can break his setup at any time 💀

  6. Dude how does the monitor not break after 10 seconds

  7. Jus imagine the fear when he is playing cod and he hears TACTICAL NUKE

  8. Imagine that when it works on your chair and you get hit by a rocket launher you:

  9. imagine being in the middle of a game and you hear a friend say “oh sorry guys my setup fell over from the recoil lemme pick it up rq”

  10. People with full on VR setups are laughing at this both because its funny and because you called it the most realistic fps setup.

  11. Bih the .50cal recoil is not that tremendous you are over exaggerating

  12. What's up with people on YT stealing contents from other counties creators and not even trying to credit them?😅

  13. It's the dumbest setup of all time. It's a game.

  14. This is what I got after watching this.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  15. It's not realistic if i dont see empty shells when the goggles come off

  16. Yoooooooooo that is crazy bro that's hot

  17. Bro has the best quality pc online the world

  18. "the design is very human" bro really sent that guy from heaven💀

  19. No hermano, no es realista. Muchas armas no tienen esa cantidad de recoil

  20. Imagine getting owned by someone using this pc setup 💀💀💀

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