The Most Realistic Game You Can Actually Play... -

The Most Realistic Game You Can Actually Play…

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Unrecord is a single-player FPS that has taken the internet by storm and tells the story of a tactical police officer from the perspective of his body camera… But it’s not the only realistic SWAT game out there and here’s one that you can actually play right now! Leave a like if you enjoy the video and subscribe for more. Thanks for watching!

Ready or Not BODY CAM Mod:


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▶ The Most Realistic Game You Can Actually Play


  1. nah this didnt even come close at all. im playing STALKER mods that look more realistic than this. this gave me fallout 4 vibes graphically, everything is too smooth and shiny and it did not hit me with realism at all.

  2. Dis ficking vidio bew op mi PC >:(. Send me 2 dollas so i can bey anothar PC! Thak u.

  3. it doesnt look like unrecord, even with filters. maybe kind of, but the unreal engine is far better because of lumen and nanite, which improves the grafics a lot!

  4. The body cam mod for RON is great, but it totally tanks my FPS, which ironically kills the immersion of the game for me.

  5. theres no reason to blur the faces if it doesnt look real anymore lol

  6. I agreee human face so hard to do in games even 2023! even left it blurred unless really sure it working! or modding team figure it out later! we can enjoy this game without face animations too!

  7. I can actually play ? how ?! the game is not even out yet … nice click-bait title bruh 🙂

  8. Ah yes have cup of coffee while in the middle of saveing people being hold against their willing

  9. how do i get it to work i downloaded the file but idk what to do after

  10. Bro you cant run this even with the RTX 42069 TI

  11. Ready or Not will be better i can guarantee it, i could bet money to.

  12. Ive looked for the body cam mod but cant find it, does it still exist?

  13. the second i load up this game my pc will burst into a ball of flames

  14. this game in VR…🤩 french are crazy

  15. Damn it actually took me a moment to see this was game footage, that opening was so fucking good I couldn’t believe it wasn’t real life footage

  16. I just don’t like how if you get shot you don’t die

  17. This game footage doesn't look nearly as realistic as the prior trailer/video.

  18. to be honest unrecord is very very very realistic , in the first part , however , when you go tu que construction site part , you can see the less deataling , in the grond , props etc , but i dont nkonw if that part is complet or not , to be honest , only the future will tell

  19. So realistic. I also see life through a fisheye lens.

  20. obviously since i dont think i have seen anyone else say this, this game looks like a desensitizing, brainwashing, school shooter trainer. I personally think its disgusting that in a time like this, someone made a game like that.

  21. I hope the blurring crap isn’t in the actual game, as it takes the realism out of the game. It made the already terrible Kane & Lynch 2 even worse.

  22. bro if they actually make it into a two sides game one side is criminal and the other is the cops and only one team can win that would be insaaaaane

  23. Don't believe a single word, this game is a completely buggy mess

  24. I just hope it will be polished and won't have any weird bugs and glitches or wacky physics like a lot of today's games have

  25. the main difference would be that you cant aim in Unrecorded so well as in RoN, I think that makes the new game look so much more realistic but, Im pretty sure that it will be a pain in the ass to play it, because of the aiming.

  26. ready or not isnt even close to the other game in aspect of real looking graphics. the AI is pretty bad in ready or not. they dont react like humans. they move like dump bots (dont react spontaneously and flexible/dynamic).

  27. "The most realistic thing is that when there is an explosion then my pc explodes too!"

  28. "The Most Realistic Game You Can Actually Play…"

    Oh can I? Where? When? How?

  29. why do people want to play from a body cam pov?

  30. Awesome graphics but a really stupid ideal for a game


  32. what breaks the immersion is the doors opening by them selves

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